Purchase tickets to our PRC fundraiser event on the 3rd June at the Watermark Hotel & Spa Surfers Paradise, Australia. All funds raised on the night go directly to operations to rescue children.

Some special guests and great signed memorabilia up for auction. Watermark Hotel offering discount rates for guests attending our fundraiser. Don't miss out on a great night and for a great cause.

Information and ticket purchase online here:

PRC Fundraiser tickets

Press on the Donate button. All Donations go direct to rescuing children.


We are not a government organisation and do not receive government funding. We rely 100% on donations to make our rescues happen and save children. And we do it because no child should be a sex slave.

Adam visits 6 months after her rescue. Little Crystal on the left, reunited with her sister after being abducted and sexually abused.

  • Assisting the prosecution of offenders
  • Working with NGO's with the same goals
  • Assist in rehabilitating victim children
  • Giving every sexually exploited child out there a chance to be a child

Hope in Action

  • Working with local communities
  • Identifying sexually exploited children
  • Giving back children's lives
  • Working with authorities

Give hope to those children around the world who need it most!

I have been incredibly fortunate in my life to never have to experience the difficulties I see in the world every day. I have been part of many recoveries and rescues around the world of vulnerable children from horrific conditions, and I think it’s a shame that more is not being done to combat this worldwide epidemic problem. 

With that desire in my heart, I preside over Project Rescue Children. We’re all looking to make a difference in our world and I believe that by focusing on the front line perpetrators, we’re going to make the most substantial impact in fighting Human Trafficking. The world is made up of important social connections and if you foster them positively, they’ll pay huge dividends - in love, care, and a better world for these innocent children

                                                         Adam Whittington

We travel to every corner of the globe to help innocent children forced into unthinkable situations. About 2 million children are exploited every year in the global commercial sex trade. We have had enough of all the talk and have decided to take action to make a change.

We have a simple, but robust mission: We rescue kidnapped children from child prostitution and slavery. We do what others will not do in an effort to make a difference. We travel to every corner of the globe to help children and families in need.

Don't ignore these children, we need you. And so do these children who are victims of Human Trafficking. Make a donation to help us fight for the innocent or help by spreading the word to raise awareness in our cause.  Make your contribution now.

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At Project Rescue Children, we are dedicated to rescuing children from Human Trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Where there are children in need, we will be there lending a hand, a smile, and an encouraging word.


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