Do you need volunteers?

All operational positions are full at the moment. We are looking for people to help PRC with other specialty skills. So if you have something to offer PRC, whether it be marketing/advertising, blogging, IT,webdesign, accounting etc please contact us at

Why can't I find PRC on charity search sites?

PRC was formed in mid 2015, after we found a lack of help in targeting the front line of Child Prostitution and Child Exploitation. Often police in many countries are just too busy and unfortunately some are not interested in taking on Human Traffickers and those Pedophiles targeting young innocent children in their communities. PRC's main goal in the short term is to get stuck in, rescue children and show you where your donations go in saving children. We have many ideas and projects in the pipelines, which we will keep updating you with, through our social media on Twitter and Facebook.

Where do you help children?

There are a few organisations helping children in different ways which is wonderful, but mostly they are helping only in one specific location like in South East Asia countries for example, where Child Prostitution and Child Exploitation is very well known and many times in your face just walking down some streets. PRC want to not only target these known areas, but we also want to target locations that pedophiles and sex tourism are being ignored or hidden. A lot of experienced pedophiles who have been abusing children for years, now avoid areas like South East Asia in fear of being arrested. So where do they go? To less exposed countries where Child Prostitution and Trafficking is also out of control, but with less attention so they, The Pedophile feel safer in getting away with abusing young innocent children.This is why PRC doesn't want to be dedicated to only helping children in one country or area, we want to chase the pedophiles and traffickers to where ever they feel safe.

What happens to the people involved in selling the children?

All perpetrators involved during the operations are arrested if possible. They are then charged, put on trial and sentenced for their evil acts. PRC working side by side with local authorities, ensures a good investigation with solid evidence against the perpetrators. PRC provides all video and photo footage obtained by our experienced operatives during the operations to the authorities, to help in the prosecution of these criminals. We are an intelligence gathering unit passing our intel onto the authorities to assist them doing their job. We do our best to assist so these criminals never sell or harm children ever again.

How can I help?

There are many ways to help PRC rescue children. Donating directly to PRC through our secure website or spreading the word about PRC's work over social media, like Facebook and Twitter are just two ways to help PRC rescue children.

Numerous fundraising volunteers have had success with events such as, fundraising dinners, garage sales, chocolate drives, bake sale, car wash, sporting tournament, sausage sizzles, or presenting at a school, church, sports club or conference. Why not get a jump on Spring cleaning and have a garage sale. Are you a regular marathon runner? Raise funds for PRC while you run. Just be creative, and if you have other ideas you think would be good, we’d love to hear about them. Are you one of those people who just love Fundraising and Volunteering? Why not be a PRC Fundraiser?

Please contact PRC on

What happens to rescued children?

PRC rescue operations are always conducted in cooperation with local authorities and carried out 100% legally adhering to local laws at all times. PRC will always pre-aranged local like minded NGO's as well as government authorities to place the newly rescued children into their care. These can include orphanages, safe homes and rehabilitation homes. Our first and main aim with the assistance of local authorities, is to try and ascertain if the children have any family. All homes, orphanages and even the children's families if found, are screened to ensure a safe and healthy environment before a child is released into care. We aim in the future to build our own PRC safe houses employing local people to educate and rehabilitate victim children while at the same time providing a safe place to grow up.

How is my donations spent?

100% of your donation goes directly to saving children from a life of unthinkable hell. The main use of PRC donations is to fund the actual rescue of a child, which includes things like: travel, accommodation, vehicle hire, inside nightclub/bar costs, phone calls, food/drinks, hiring of locals etc. In addition to this, we will use PRC funds for pre and post operation expenses.

For example, pre-operation costs can include, but are not limited to: the purchase of vehicles for rescue teams, undercover surveillance equipment like cameras and phones for rescue teams. For safety reasons we also train anyone attached to one of our teams in safety measures and PRC in-field Policies. Post-operation costs can include, but are not limited to: fees associated with settling a newly rescued child into a safe home, which can include basic amenities like clothing and toiletries etc. We rely solely on your donations to help us, help children.

How much does it cost to rescue a child?
Every rescue is different depending on number of operatives, travel, research, undercover sting set up - including equipment, hiring of locals, etc, but on average one operation costs about £25,000 and each operation is not limited to saving just 1 child. Operations can last from a week to several months undercover.

Frequently Asked Questions