The Process

The reason why we do what we do!

The Prosecution

The Arrest

The Sting

The heartache

Each rescue is carried out with the cooperation of local police and authorities in the given country and or state. All rescues are done legally and above board. We need the assistance of authorities (those that are willing to assist) to continue the investigation after the rescue by bringing the perpetrators to justice.

We must first ascertain if the rescue is safe for all involved and to make sure the authorities are on side. Unfortunately there are some corrupt people in certain positions, who sometimes turn a blind eye to Child Trafficking as they are being paid off by the traffickers.The children's safety is PRC's number one priority. If there are any signs of anyone getting hurt we will not go through with the rescue. We do not carry weapons and work 100% legally within local laws in all countries we operate in.

Next we carry out research on the children to identify who they are and where they are. Sometimes we need to spend time on finding children as a result of being moved around by the traffickers. We also carry out surveillance on the local area and possible locations for us and authorities to conduct a safe rescue. All our volunteers at PRC - Project Rescue Children are from elite military and police units around the world. We know how to get these jobs done safely and quickly if need be.

Research and putting our plans into reliable and safe options to rescue these children, is what we do best.

The most dangerous part of any operation is the rescue stage. We work tirelessly on our planning stage to cover any unforeseen hiccups that might accrue. Working side by side on all rescues with the police needs to be done, to have the best chance of prosecuting the traffickers. Often in operations we will set up an undercover sting where we will buy the children, exchanging cash with the traffickers while the police are in the area ready to make the arrests, after we complete the deal.

Once the children are rescued we provide assistance and get them to like minded NGO's, or orphanages in the area, who will take the children in to help rehabilitate them.  Depending on the government, children are also placed into the care of the state we work in through PRC's cooperation with authorities. These children’s lives and innocents have been stolen away from them and they will never be the same. They need help in numerous ways to readjust to a normal stable life. The children's safety is PRC's number one priority both during and after they are rescued. We carry out screening of all orphanages we work with making sure they are safe, clean and somewhere the children we rescue can start to rebuild their lives.

Lastly, we provide all our footage both stills and videos we take covertly, to local authorities to ensure they have a strong case in court against the perpetrators.

BUT, none of the above is possible without the help from you. We are solely dependent on donations to make each and every rescue happen. On average a normal operation to rescue a child is £25,000. We are a non-profit organization that relies 100% on donations to help us save these innocent children. We volunteer our time and experience in each operation so all donations go directly to expenses involved in rescuing the children, like flights, accommodation, vehicle rentals. Donations also go to any costs associated with settling the children into a safe environment after being rescued.

Ways to help;

The bottom line is, without your help we cannot help children.....

We are not a government funded organisation; we are a non-profit organisation who has joined together after realizing that there needs to be more proactive actions dealing at the direct cause of Human Trafficking, the Traffickers.

Unfortunately in some countries and societies authorities are turning a blind eye to this epidemic problem, some even are paid off by the traffickers. Police are usually stretched to their limits in dealing with other day to day crimes, so this is where we come in.

Project Rescue Children agents do all the ground work and then get the authorities to make the arrest and continue with the prosecution. Having an organisation like PRC assisting authorities with the ground work, makes for a very smooth operation and high success rate in having the perpetrators prosecuted.

Donating to PRC is saving the life of a child. No donation is too small, when it comes to contributing towards rescuing these innocent children from a life of hell and a life they did not choose.

Once PRC have identified a specific location and children in need of rescuing we begin working on what needs to be done for the operation. This includes our budget for expenses. Once we reach the set budget required to complete the operation through your donations, PRC's team of experienced agents will travel and carry out the rescue.

So as you can see without donations we cannot help. We are also a fairly new non-profit organization so if you’re a company and wish to sponsor PRC please contact us for more details. We are constantly asked from people around the world, "How can I help?"

Anyone can, by making a donation or spreading the word about our cause.

We are also very interested in hearing from you if you have information about possible Child Trafficking and or Child Sexual Abuse, happening in your local area. Everyone who contacts PRC is treated with the strictest confidentiality.

                                                                 PRC thank you for your wonderful support!