​​​​​Our mission is to rescue and protect children from child trafficking and exploitation across the globe. 
We achieve this through rescue, aftercare, education and awareness. 
We are committed to restoring and empowering the rights of every child.


THE BRIEF: The Mama Janeis one of those untold humanitarian stories that are usually passed over for other more juicy aligned stories. She reflects the true image of most of our selfless unsung heroes found in various societal settings. We stumbled on her story while PRC volunteers were doing research on sexually abused, trafficked and exploited children, albeit it gave us the opportunity to be able to witness Mama Jane’s struggle and sacrifices to at least make a difference and touch a soul, save a life, and build a community of hope, however subtle, in her own humble way.

Mama Jane is a true replica of a “Mama Africa’ or “Grandmother” found almost in every house hold across Africa, she is a 70 year old retiree, suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension related illnesses. Married to her 77 year old retiree husband, who suffers from cardiovascular related illnesses and prostrate cancer. She commanded a strong presence, and welcoming, as our volunteers sat silently as they sipped the “ strong tea” that Mama Jane insisted they drink, neatly clad in her motherly robes.

We felt at home and relaxed as she narrated how she started to take in children by default, her eyes strong with resolve, full of wisdom & determination, her faith strongly a part of her, we felt small and in awe, for how could someone with so “little” strive, daily to do so much? Her shamba “farm” sits on a 1 and ½ acres of ancestral farm land, her home sits on a ¼ of the farm land, while the rest is periodic cultivated for maize production, which is the only staple food that is believed to provide food security. They survive mostly on maize and beans, and porridge for most of their meals on hard days. Her home has three dilapidated structures/houses, that she has had to put up to support the periodic and random influx of “ young unexpected guests” who miraculously appear at her gates. 

The main house acts as the kitchen, sitting room, dorm, and sleeping quarters for both her, the children and the two cows & a calf that painfully provide the measly two litres of milk needed daily for most of her younger “clients”. A task solely left to the sickly mzee (oldman), who tends to the farm, grazes the cattle, and with all that frailness, acts as the only security person available, and has equally embraced the task.

The process remains traditional, the push and shove not recommended with his condition, but he does it and finds fulfillment. Cooking inside the main house has darkened the roofing, that is almost caving ‘in’ due to poor structural engagements, and has contributed to the many breathing ailments that they battle daily, from the smallest to the oldest child. Years of wear and tear from harsh weather conditions has also made peeping holes, that drip mercilessly on the young ones in those dark rainy days, and ironically project colorful rainbow colors during the day from the scorching and unforgiving sun.

She has no water, electricity or even solar installation, she has no sleeping mats and most of her care givers remain untrained, unpaid, and are volunteers. PRC volunteers left her home saddened and uplifted somewhat to try and highlight her case as one that needs immediate intervention and action from the outside world.

Mama Jane's requests for help include:

1. Construction of good housing structures with Lighting (electricity),

2. Perimeter fencing and Gate for security,

3. Water bore hole,

4. Donations of Learning and Playing Materials,

5. Donations of Basic Requirements that are not limited to, foods, clothing, shoes, books, writing drawing materials, computers, double decker beds, mattresses,

6. Basic health care arrangements with local or nearby health care facilities,

7. Some Mode of Transportation {For Those Unexpected Moments}. 

As of 25 July 2020, PRC has taken the decision to partner with Mama Jane. Our goal is to build our own safe houses in the countries we work in. In this case however, we believe we can assist Mama Jane and the children she is struggling to take care of, with the help of you, our followers and supporters. All the children with Mama Jane, will be put in our child sponsorship program, which can be found on our Sponsorship page. 

And this is the birth of Project Rescue Children's first Rescue and Children's Centre - Kisumu, West Kenya.

To assist in donating any materials, or equipment to Mama Jane & PRC's Rescue and Children's Centre please contact PRC.

Team PRC

(Pictures below of current condition) 

Mama Jane's incredible

 and inspiring story ...

There are still real angels in the world!