​​​​​Our mission is to rescue and protect children from child trafficking and exploitation across the globe. 
We achieve this through rescue, aftercare, education and awareness. 
We are committed to restoring and empowering the rights of every child.

What We Do 


Connecting with local businesses to encourage reporting
Advertising through transport, networking and social media
Conduct surveillance
Go undercover online and on the streets
Humanitarian programs on the street to gather knowledge


Working with local authorities we collate the evidence and create a case
We assist local authorities to rescue children and apprehend perpetrators
Our evidence is used to bring these predators to justice

After Care

PRC partners  with accredited NGO’s and Government Organisations in the local area to provide counselling, accommodation  and safety to child trafficking victims
PRC will monitor the children and provide support to the facility housing the children
PRC plan to build safe havens that will accommodate victims there they will receive support, education and opportunities


PRC will build a strong online presence through their social media to raise awareness on child sex trafficking.
Research will be conducted and published on the trends of child trafficking
Talks will be given to schools, community groups and organisations

Law Reform

PRC will lobby Governments and work with politicians to see that laws are strengthened to protect children
PRC supports  initiatives including:

National sex offenders register
International Travel ban of convicted pedophiles
Harsher penalties for online predators
A universal “Blue Card” Scheme for all volunteers wishing to work with children