Do you suspect someone of exploiting children through child abuse imagery, online grooming, or other inappropriate activities? Contact PRC on our confidential INTEL department. 


Connecting with local businesses to encourage reporting
Advertising through transport, networking and social media
Conduct surveillance
Go undercover online and on the streets
Humanitarian programs on the street to gather knowledge


Working with local authorities we collate the evidence and create a case
We assist local authorities to rescue children and apprehend perpetrators
Our evidence is used to bring these predators to justice

After Care

PRC partners  with accredited NGO’s and Government Organisations in the local area to provide counselling, accommodation  and safety to child trafficking victims
PRC will monitor the children and provide support to the facility housing the children
PRC plan to build safe havens that will accommodate victims there they will receive support, education and opportunities


PRC will build a strong online presence through their social media to raise awareness on child sex trafficking.
Research will be conducted and published on the trends of child trafficking
Talks will be given to schools, community groups and organisations

Law Reform

PRC will lobby Governments and work with politicians to see that laws are strengthened to protect children
PRC supports  initiatives including:

National sex offenders register
International Travel ban of convicted pedophiles
Harsher penalties for online predators
A universal “Blue Card” Scheme for all volunteers wishing to work with children

Watch our team rescue a UK boy before he was sold on the black market in South East Asia. 


Press on the Donate button. All Donations go direct to rescuing children.

Do Nothing or Do Something...

You have two choices in life,

PRC vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to rescue and rehabilitate children in need.


All PRC operatives volunteer our time in rescuing children from child prostitution and slavery. Find out how to become our partner.


Our operatives work side by side with authorities who also want to make a difference. We assist in the prosecution of all perpetrators who are arrested during our stings. 

Project Rescue Children was created by CARI - Child Abduction Recovery International. CARI operatives have been helping victim parents recovering their abducted children around the world for 15 years. In that time CARI came across many types of Human Trafficking, including Child Prostitution and Child Sexual Exploitation. After over a 12 month period of researching this horrific and unspeakable act to children, CARI started a Human Trafficking team in the middle of 2014. Their goal was simple, to research locations that Child Prostitution was thriving and rescue underage prostitutes. In only a few months of starting our Human Trafficking team, we were inundated with requests for help from local government and non-government organizations.

This was the start of PRC - Project Rescue Children. PRC works together with police, prosecutors, child welfare bodies and local governments to apprehend and convict abusers of children and those traffickers and pimps that seem to think its ok to take away a child's life, purely for a financial gain. Rescuing those children who are in harm's way is what we do.

All PRC’s operatives have served in military, police and intelligence units across the world. All agents have provided the appropriate checks and balances regarding criminal history and working with children from their country of residence. PRC have a strict policy of any person that may come into contact with children that all appropriate checks and balances must be provided as well as compliance to a strict code of conduct to ensure children are protected at all times.

We wanted to make a massive difference in these children's lives, not by starting just another charity with all the bells and whistles, but by getting on the front line, coming face to face with paedophiles, traffickers and pimps. PRC strongly believe this is the only way to really make a difference in a child's life who are being abused, neglected and trapped as a sex slave. You may choose to look the other way, but you can NEVER again say, you did not know!

Project Rescue Children, relies solely on the generous support of donors to continue to serve communities in our effort to rescue children and apprehend abusers.

We are not a government organisation and do not receive government funding. We rely 100% on donations to make our rescues happen and save children. And we do it because no child should be a sex slave. All operations are different depending on location including, the country operating in, amount of people involved, equipment, research needed before the sting, sting set up and hiring the likes of local interpreters. On average a standard operation cost $20,000 and can save numerous children in the one operation. Donations cover any initial fees associated with placing the children into care to receive rehabilitation. After the rescue children will either return to their families, enter a government funded home, or are placed in aftercare homes run by other like-minded NGOs. We strongly believe rehabilitation is a vital and important  key component for successful reintegration back into society.

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