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Ever wondered who is looking at your Social Media or exactly what sex offenders or predators see? Paedophiles search the internet looking for pictures of children that turn them on sexually. Paedophiles have many types of fetishes including children with clothes on, as an example all the 'back to school' pictures everyone posts on Facebook. Your daughter in her school skirt looks nice and innocent to you, your family and friends, but to a paedophile it's a turn on.


Do you really want a paedophile carrying out sexual acts on themselves using a picture of your child they obtained from your social media page?


PRC can now help. We offer a service to check yours or your child's social media pages in order to pinpoint any privacy or security concerns there are from a predators view. With years of experience using the latest technology and hunting predators online including in the DarkWeb, we know exactly what to look for. You don't have a social media account, but your child does? We can monitor your child's account and report directly back to you. 


For a simple donation of $20 AUD we will monitor and check your social media and provide you with a report highlighting the good and bad points. We will also recommend ways if needed, that you can improve your privacy and security online. 


All you need to do is make a donation by pressing on the DONATION button to the bottom right of this page . Once you have donated please send us an email ( with your name and information directing us to the profile(s) you wish our team to monitor including a link(s). Then sit back and continue using your social media as normal, and let us do what we do.


Please note: Due to a high amount of people wanting this service we will provide your report within 4 weeks from the date of donation. You will be given a grade of A, B or C.


One donation equals one account that we will monitor. You want two accounts checked please make two donations.


​We are a not for profit registered charity. We rely on donations to continue our work. All donations go directly to helping our teams do what we do best, helping children from Trafficking, Exploitation and Sexual Abuse.


*** Soon we will also be providing parents a service to test exactly what their child does online. Will your child accept a strangers friend request and start chatting to someone they don't know? We have been working undercover using alias accounts in order to catch paedophiles thinking they are talking to a young child. Soon we will provide this service but on the reverse....lets see if your child will accept our bait or worse! ***

Donate Now to Get Your Safety Check

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