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Our Team.

Board of Directors

Adam Whittington -  PRC Founder & CEO

Adam is the founder and volunteer CEO of Project Rescue Children. He receives no income or any benefits in his role as CEO. He spent four years in the Australian Army as an Infantry soldier. After leaving the military he was hired privately in investigations across the world. He was the lead investigator in the Internationally covered kidnapping and murder of British girl, Lucie Blackman in Tokyo, Japan. He featured in the best selling non fiction book, 'People Who Eat Darkness' written about the horrible case. Adam still has a very close relationship with Lucie's amazing mother. He then served in the Metropolitan Police Force in London, United Kingdom as a police officer.


Adam was the recipient of two commendations awarded by the Police Division Commander. One for outstanding police work and dedication to helping community members and the other commendation for rescuing a family of three generations from inside their burning vehicle. Adam has worked every type of case imaginable in the fight against child trafficking, kidnapping, predators, and child sacrificing across the globe.

Mama Jane.jpg

Mama Rispa Jane -  Director Rescue Centre Kenya

Mama Jane has owned her own clothes making business owning several dress making shops for ladies and young girls. As age advanced she moved back up country and did small scale farming as she developed a passion for the environment which in turn she started a tree planting group. They got help from international organizations in the provision of seedings, attended seminars and training. Mama Jane was then elected the secretary of the group of 50 members in a massive tree planting exercise that saw the planting of over 250,000 seedlings in the area, schools, and their homes. This effort caught the attention of the UN environment program. They were awarded certificates for exemplary work at conserving the environment.


Mama Jane started taking disadvantaged children many years ago providing them with a roof over their heads and food grown from her farm. Her passion to help children from trafficking and exploitation has only grown. With no help from the government Mama Jane was a perfect partner for PRC. As we rebuild the rescue centre Mama Jane also has a very active role in the rehabilitation of the children with outside professional volunteers and a local private hospital in support. At 74, she is determined with PRCs help, she can help more children in her local area. She remains a member of the Women Enterprise Fund and Kadianga tree planters group. 


Chris Harvey - Head of Partnerships - United Kingdom

Chris joins PRC from the UK as our new Head of Partnerships. Chris has a wealth of sales and partnership experience in the corporate sector and will be instrumental in growing PRC's partnerships enabling further funding to help in campaigns like building of schools, rescue and rehabilitation centres, community based projects like fresh and clean drinking water holes, electricity through solar panels and education workshops


Through business development skills and experience Chris will bring a new level of skills to our ever growing international organisation. 


Kupa Gori - Director & Coordinator of Kenya 

Kupa is a concept developer, with years of experience in volunteering for children’s rights charities. He is also a PR and marketer. Kupa is the PRC link between our international operations team and local authorities in the Kisumu district in the West area of Kenya, where trafficking and exploitation of children is a major problem. Worked with conflict resolutions in cooperation with NGO’s and Kenyan police.


Specializing in bringing communities and authorities together through mediation and negotiations. Passionate about the rights of children, Kupa is spearheading the PRC campaigns in the Horn of Africa, seeking to change policies and legislation for the protection of children in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. 

Kurt Smith.jpg

Kurt Smith -  PRC Director 

Kurt joins PRC with a wealth of experience in finance and management. Kurt is passionate and dedicated in PRC’s cause to fight child trafficking and exploitation. He has provided finance and wealth management throughout Asia, Europe and across CIS region. 

Kurt is a proven businessman who wants to see the abuse of children around the world end. Seeing abused children throughout his travels, made him decide being part of PRC is a must. Kurt will grow strong business partnerships for PRC throughout the EU, Asian and Australian business markets. A dedicated family and sports man, Kurt loves keeping healthy and travelling. 


Tabitha Owens  -  Director of Development

Tabitha has been supporting PRC since it's beginning. Always offering advice and guidance. She became passionate about nonprofits when she had the opportunity to work with charities volunteering. She started at PRC in 2019 as a volunteer and has been with the charity ever since. She has been project manager at HSBC, project team manager at LSN (Learning and skills network - provided bespoke training courses for children). Tabitha has also been an Actor, Director, Voice-over artist and drama facilitator specializing her passion on Social Integration projects. She has been running children's events, parties and clubs exploring imaginative expression through play and story adventures.


Recently she is involved in helping as the Marketing and Events manager for a new publishing company. She has found her true passion in ending child trafficking and exploitation around the world. Tabitha cares deeply about company culture and strives to cultivate trust, integrity, and communication in her team. When Tabitha is not promoting PRC’s mission, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, running, theatre, art, yoga and writing children's stories.


Scott Assender  -  Director 

A father of two, Scott is one of the original Directors. A family man dedicated to the safety and protection of children. Scott's years of international business knowledge, skills and experience brings a wealth of hands on advice. All major decisions run through Scott who has always put children and PRC's best interest first. 

Nat London.jpg

Natalie London  -  Director/ International Director Education

Natalie is a Therapeutic Youth Worker and Child Advocate with trained experience in public speaking, leadership coaching, event management and growth consulting. She has dedicated her past 4 years to educating the general public on the reality of Child Trafficking and Exploitation, whilst also completing 24 hour shifts with vulnerable youth in ACA housing in Australia. Natalie is passionate about the safety, happiness and wellbeing of all children and has show an immeasurable amount of drive and passion towards all that she does within this sector.


In 2021, Natalie began volunteering for PRC as an Ambassador and consistently showed up to support, speak, fundraise and rally for the children. She is driven by her desire to see this world become a safer place for all youth. Natalie is a wife, godmother, avid traveller and an aspiring author.

April 2023, PRC appointed Natalie Director of International Education.


Georgina Whittington  -  Director Merchandise

Georgina has been volunteering for PRC at events and taking care of all online merchandise orders since the beginning. A pensioner who loves keeping busy by taking orders, packing and organising delivery of our merchandise around the world. 

Special Operations


Alexander X - PRC Director of Darkweb Operations

Is PRC Director of Darkweb operations. Serving over 24 years in the military. His expert knowledge in counter intelligence and field operations makes him invaluable to PRC operations in child trafficking and exploitation throughout Europe and the Middle East. Qualified combat medic and directly connected to Interpol. Extremely proactive and rarely sleeps as he constantly looks for leads for child sexual abuse, trafficking, exploitation and the sale of child organs. 


Mr Z - Head of IT Darkweb

Mr Z is the head expert in our darkweb IT team. He is the driving force behind a 24/7 team of four other IT experts, who tirelessly work inside the Dark web searching for child exploitation material. As a result PRC, is one of the only not for profit charities in the world who target traffickers and paedophiles inside the Dark Web. MR Z has successfully searched and obtained shocking images and videos of children being raped and worse, leading to PRC investigating and rescued the children, at the same time working with local authorities to apprehend the perpetrators. 


Mr Z studied math and computer science where he excelled at school. He has a bachelor’s degrees in three technical discipline: computer science, information technology and computer engineering. Mr Z speaks four languages has a master’s degree in information system security with specialized training through certifications, including CompTIA Security+, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA Security). Lets just say he is one of the best IT experts out there and we are honored to have he and his team with PRC. 


Daniel - Head of Romanian Operations

PRC Head of Romanian Operations. Masters degree in microbiology and biochemistry engineer. Served in the Romanian military as a counter intelligence and anti corruption officer. Over 15 years experience in rescuing abused, kidnapped and trafficked children in Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Middle East. He has volunteered with a Romanian trafficking and abuse charity in Bucharest giving him a wealth of experience in dealing with trafficking gangs and child victims. As well as being a qualified combat medic, he has a passion for continuing to educate himself especially on the legal aspects of child trafficking and exploitation within Romania and Europe. Daniel is a valued member of our team and his field expertise in different geographical areas, allows him to integrate with local community members where we operate. Daniel enjoys reading history and speaks five languages.


Andrew PRC.jpg

Andrew Williams - International Growth Manager

Andrew joined PRC in April 2021. Leaning into his 20 years of experience within international business management and development, leadership, strategic planning, and personal growth, Andrew is responsible for increasing awareness about the PRC mission, donor development, and building international relations. 

A father of 3 and evangelous for the freedom and security of every young person, Andrew leads with the motto “there is no greater gift than a life lived free”.... “the children really are our future and if we are to create a world in which there will be no exploitation of the weak by the strong, of the good by the evil; where there will be no humiliation of the poor by the violence of the rich; and are able to shape society for the betterment and beautification of life, we all have a role to play.”


“To my mind there has never been a more needed and deserving cause then ensuring the freedom and safety of those most innocent and vulnerable, children”. “I love PRC for the fact that its mission does not just stop at statistics and awareness campaigns, It is about achieving real world results, actually saving children from horrific circumstances, and then providing them with the long-term aftercare, rehabilitation, guidance, and support so that they may claim back their power and grow into the kind of humans the world needs more of.”

Vlada Website.JPG

Maria Ivanova - Rescue & Aftercare Specialist & Accounts

Maria Ivanova has been a child advocate since her student days, an activist of trade union movements in helping to organize student leisure, helping students from other cities across Europe. Maria is also a qualified accountant and CFO. She volunteers her time and experience to take care of PRC accounts. 


Gaining her invaluable experience working with sexually abused children, volunteering in numerous orphanages throughout East Europe including Ukraine. This lead to her gaining a university degree in child psychology and assisting in child protection organisations in particular aftercare of sexually abused and trafficked children in Eastern Europe countries including Belarus, Ukraine and Estonia. Always responsive, caring, responsible and perceptive in assigned tasks. Maria loves to spending time walking in the nature and being with her family.

David Ebesson.JPG

David Ebbeson - Aftercare specialist

David a father of two children has been a business owner providing schools with meals throughout Stockholm Sweden. A qualified chef, his background in catering saw him wanting to provide healthy and fresh food option for children. As a result, his school catering company is the largest and most well know throughout the country. He will be in charge of designing recipes and meals for our rescue centers using locally grown ingredients. 

David has an unquenchable thirst to provide, to serve and to be part of PRC’s fight to end child trafficking and exploitation. His big heart’s desire is to see the lives of thousands of children around the world rescued, rehabilitated, protected and free to live as children should live. David’s business, leadership, teamwork and motivational experience that has seen him succeed in life and business is a great asset to Project Rescue Children. When he is not working David spends every minute with family on the water or in the snow. 

Sarah Portnoff.jpg

Sara Portnoff -  Aftercare specialist

Born and raised in Scandinavia Sarah quickly realized her dream of travelling the world spending time in South East Asia and places where tourists never go at the same time enjoying changing experiences and getting to know locals. A mother who has dedicated many years working in the not forgotten profit industry. In charge of multiple employees raising funds for large international charities. Her leadership and teamwork will be beneficial for PRC as we continue to grow in to countries helping children. Sarah’s care and love for animals, also flows into her incredible passion and care for children. Her primary focus has been helping children, giving them self empowerment to go after their dreams. When Sarah is not working or taking care of her family she loves walking in the nature with her beloved dogs, relaxing and playing Pokemon Go with her children. 


Dane London -  Rescue Centre Construction Rebuild Manager

Dane has been a practising, qualified carpenter for over 20 years and has, recently, supervised the rebuild of our Gambia child Rescue Centre roof. Additionally, Dane completed the build of our animal outhouses and facilities including the installation of a new shower and toilet at our Gambia rescue centre. Dane is passionate about helping children, whilst ensuring our global rescue centres are fit and safe. 


Janelle Wehbe -  Home Education Manager

Janelle is a home schooling, stay at home Mum who has been advocating for Project Rescue Children for over four years now and is extremely passionate about protecting childhood innocence. She has built strong connections within the home schooling communities in Australia, and is leading the way with many other like-minded parents, who are all eager to raise further awareness around protecting and educating all children from grooming and exploitation. Additionally, Janelle is one of our original child sponsors, she has consistently fundraised and donated profits from her small business to help PRC fight child trafficking and exploitation. Helping to keep children safe is Janelle's mission in this lifetime. 

Therese Gambia.JPG

Therese Lobby -  PRC Gambia Education Manager

Therese is a Gambian by birth and a teacher that has been in the field for seven years now. She has taught at three different schools both junior and senior secondary. Therese works with the church missionary child group and has, additionally, been a passionate advocate for Project Rescue Children. She loves children and always wants them to be happy and have freedom of life. She has joined PRC to work hand in glove to eradicate the sexual abuse and exploitation of all children. 

Our Proud Ambassadors.

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Callum Hancock



Alicia Portelli

Willie Tonga


Jamahl Lolesi

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Renee Cosh

Nicole Joy


Detective Sergeant L






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