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Adam Whittington -  PRC Founder & CEO

Adam is the founder and volunteer CEO of Project Rescue Children. He receives no income or any benefits in his role as CEO. He spent four years in the Australian Army as an Infantry soldier. After leaving the military he was hired privately in investigations across the world. He was the lead investigator in the Internationally covered kidnapping and murder of British girl, Lucie Blackman in Tokyo, Japan. He featured in the best selling non fiction book, 'People Who Eat Darkness' written about the horrible case. Adam still has a very close relationship with Lucie's amazing mother. He then served in the Metropolitan Police Force in London, United Kingdom as a police officer. Adam was the recipient of two commendations awarded by the Police Division Commander. One for outstanding police work and dedication to helping community members and the other commendation for rescuing a family of three generations from inside their burning vehicle. 


Adam has worked every type of case imaginable in the fight to dismantle child trafficking rings, kidnappers and child predators, across the globe. He has worked undercover in numerous hostile and dangerous countries acting as a trafficker and paedophile in order to rescue children being sold along side police and other authority bodies. He and his team, along with local partners have successfully rescued hundreds of children being trafficked or exploited in multiple foreign countries. Adam coordinates all operations on a person level including those from the PRC IT team working the Dark Web.


Scott Assender -  PRC Director

PRC Director - Scott joined PRC from day one and has been behind the driving force for our journey to protect children from trafficking and exploitation. He has traveled the world extensively living in numerous overseas locations. Scott a dedicated father of two, is very passionate and committed to our cause. Our team is built strongly on trust, something Scott has more than enough of from all our team. Despite being one of Melbourne’s most influential businessmen, Scott is always on call and quick to make swift professional decisions, having PRC and children’s best interest at heart. PRC is extremely grateful to have Scott on our team. Scott enjoys being a dad and spending quality time with his family.

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John McLeod -  PRC Director - Security Adviser - Media Coordinator

PRC Director, Security Adviser and media coordinator. Originally from the Queensland Police Service, John has an extensive background in private and corporate security. John has a proven track record with his clients and is one of the most respected close protection and security providers in the industry. He has provided close protection for A list celebrities and and sports persons from around the world and is the leading expert in Indonesia for all security matters working side by side with Indonesian authorities. PRC rely on John to coordinate with local authorities in numerous countries. He has years of experience dealing and coordinating with local and international media. John’s police and security expertise is vital in our work rescuing, preventing and rehabilitation of vulnerable children. John is a valued member of our team and his role strengthens our overall role in international and domestic assistance. He enjoys fishing and being in the outdoors in his free time.


Alexander X - PRC Director of Russian Operations

Is PRC Director of Russian operations. Serving over 24 years in the Russian Special Forces - Spetsnaz and Interpol Russia division. His expert knowledge in counterintelligence and field operations makes him invaluable to PRC operations in child trafficking and exploitation throughout Russia, Europe and the Middle East. Qualified combat medic and directly connected to Russian police who always is in assistance throughout our Russian operations. Extremely pro active and rarely sleeps as he constantly looks for leads for child sexual abuse, trafficking, exploitation and the sale of child organs. He also works directly without Russian DarkWeb IT experts based in Russia.

Even though now out of the military he spends a lot of time training Russian special forces in combat and combat first aid.


Cungeelealla - PRC Secretary/Treasurer and Indigenous Representative

PRC Secretary/Treasurer and Indigenous representative, Krisandra has been influential in her knowledge and experience with Indigenous culture and history. PRC partnership with Indigenous Elders in the Woorabinda community was initiated and pushed through by Krisandra. There is no one with a bigger heart and dedication to helping others, especially children. Cungeelealla is a Ghungalu/Pitjara woman, a Traditional Owner of Woorabinda and Carnarvon Gorge Springsure and surrounding areas. Coming from grassroots upbringing, she lived by her Cultural beliefs and still practice her customs just like her sisters Jennifer and Michelle. Her tribal name is Cungeelealla. 


Cungeelealla loves working with her communities, but her work is with children of all races and from all walks of life. Cungeelealla has a great passion to help children to be safe and protected from all forms of abuse, teaching them life skills that would benefit them and educating parents, educating a community through raising awareness. Jennifer Leisha and Cungeelealla have developed the "Walking Tall On Country" and the "Good Touch Bad Touch" programs.


Jennifer Leisha - Chief People & Culture 

Jennifer is a Ghungalu/Pitjara woman from Central Queensland a Traditional Owner of Woorabinda and surrounding areas and Carnarvon Gorge Springsure. Jenny has a Social Worker and Counselor diploma. She has worked in various positions for government and women's shelters. She worked for Corrective Services for over 20 years, the position held was Cultural Awareness Trainer and Deliverer of the programs that she assisted and developed and delivered and even helped to develop Hostage Crisis training for Queensland Police Service (QPS). 


Jenny retired from the public servant government position. She now focuses on doing projects for her community. She is developing and spearheading the "Walking Tall On Country" for the Woorabinda community and is also helping to develop PRC’s program for teaching culturally appropriateness for teaching indigenous children about stranger danger and about giving them insight to be aware of "Good Touch and Bad Touch. A program for children about sexual abuse. 


Hayley Birtles-Eades - Chief Innovation, Marketing & Branding

Hayley has proven time and time again for her own businesses and multiple others that strategy and innovation are the key to success. She owns and has worked with multi-million dollar companies to ensure they are ahead of the rest. Fusing her passion for strategy and child/human rights, Hayley is the perfect fit for PRC. Hayley believes not only in helping the most vulnerable but shows it through her actions in everyday life. Her business nous and savvy mixed with her unwavering commitment to helping others is what sets her apart.


Brittany Meyer - Chief of Design, Digital & Marketing Assistant

Brittany is bursting with enthusiasm and passion and is skilled beyond her years. It was evident from her first interaction with PRC that this was a cause close to her heart. She has led the way in making sure PRC’s cover matches the amazing work they continue to do. Her keen eye for design means that Brittany has a unique ability to receive a vision and turn it into reality, that everyone can receive and understand. Brittany’s maturity and compassion is vital to her work shown in everything that she does. 


Natalie Willacy - Director of Development & Communications


Maria Ivanova - Rescue & Aftercare Specialist

Maria Ivanova is our wonderful Russian volunteer, child advocate since her student days, an activist of trade union movements in helping to organize student leisure, helping students from other cities across Russia. 


Gaining her invaluable experience working with sexually abused children, volunteering in numerous orphanages throughout Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Ukraine. This lead to her gaining a university degree in child psychology and assisting in child protection organisations in particular aftercare of sexually abused and trafficked children in Russian and Eastern Europe countries including Belarus, Ukraine and Estonia. Maria is also one of our point of contact with Russian authorities. Always responsive, caring, responsible and perceptive in assigned tasks. Maria loves to spending time walking in the nature and being with her family.


Nancy Adhiambo - Kenya Assistant Coordinator

Nancy is a PRC Kenya assistant coordinator, an environmental scientists and a campaigner for children's rights. Nancy has been a community health volunteer for numerous years. Qualified in first aid and has been dealing with trafficked and exploited children for over 7 years in her native country Kenya. Nancy is PRC director at our Mama Jane PRC Rescue Children’s Centre in Kisumu. She runs our International child sponsorship program for Kenyan children. Nancy’s loving and caring nature towards children, makes her the ideal representative between the children and international sponsors. In her free time Nancy likes to read, socialise with friends and family. 


Kupa Gori - Kenya Coordinator

Kupa is PRC's Kenya coordinator. Kupa is a concept developer, with years of experience in volunteering for children’s rights charities. He is also a PR and marketer. Kupa is the PRC link between our international operations team and local authorities in the Kisumu district in the West area of Kenya, where trafficking and exploitation of children is a major problem. Worked with conflict resolutions in cooperation with NGO’s and Kenyan police. Specializing in bringing communities and authorities together through mediation and negotiations. Passionate about the rights of children, Kupa is spearheading the PRC campaigns in the Horn of Africa, seeking to change policies and legislation for the protection of children in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. 


Vladimir - PRC Director of Russian Operations

Vladimir is PRC Director of Russian operations. Serving over 24 years in the Russian Special Forces - Spetsnaz and Interpol Russia division. His expert knowledge in counterintelligence and field operations makes him invaluable to PRC operations in child trafficking and exploitation throughout Russia, Europe and the Middle East. Qualified combat medic and directly connected to Russian police who is always in assistance throughout our Russian operations. Extremely pro active and rarely sleeps as he constantly looks for leads for child sexual abuse, trafficking, exploitation and the sale of child organs. He also works directly with our Russian Dark Web IT experts based in Russia. Even though now out of the military, Vladimir spends a lot of time training Russian special forces in combat and combat first aid.


Mr Z - Head of IT - Russia

Mr Z is the head expert in our Russian IT team, based in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. He is the driving force behind a 24/7 team of four other IT experts, who tirelessly work inside the Dark web searching for child exploitation material. As a result PRC, is one of the only not for profit charities in the world who target traffickers and paedophiles inside the Dark Web. MR Z has successfully searched and obtained shocking images and videos of children being raped and worse, leading to PRC investigating and rescued the children, at the same time working with local authorities to apprehend the perpetrators. 


Mr Z studied math and computer science where he excelled at school. He has a bachelor’s degrees in three technical discipline: computer science, information technology and computer engineering. Mr Z speaks four languages has a master’s degree in information system security with specialized training through certifications, including CompTIA Security+, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA Security). Lets just say he is one of the best IT experts out there and we are honored to have he and his team with PRC. 

Daniel - Head of Romanian Operations

PRC Head of Romanian Operations. Masters degree in microbiology and biochemistry engineer. Served in the Romanian military as a counter intelligence and anti corruption officer. Over 15 years experience in rescuing abused, kidnapped and trafficked children in Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Middle East. He has volunteered with a Romanian trafficking and abuse charity in Bucharest giving him a wealth of experience in dealing with trafficking gangs and child victims. As well as being a qualified combat medic, he has a passion for continuing to educate himself especially on the legal aspects of child trafficking and exploitation within Romania and Europe. Daniel is a valued member of our team and his field expertise in different geographical areas, allows him to integrate with local community members where we operate. Daniel enjoys reading history and speaks five languages.


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