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One of the most disturbing blogs you will read – the campaign to normalise paedophilia

Normal and Paedophile should never live in the same sentence but sadly a collective of individuals is pushing to see this happen.

There is a campaign growing, where certain individuals have joined together and are very vocal of their rights.

Firstly they don’t see themselves as “paedophiles” but instead prefer the term “pedosexual” – why you ask? Because they believe this terms aligns themselves for acceptance within the LGBT Community and their message is that pedosexuality is nothing more than a sexual orientation, just like the LGBT community, and their rights should be considered the same. They are even campaigning to have the P attached to the LGBT Banner. For the record the LGBT community have no affiliation with this movement and we are sure would be horrified at these suggestions.

We know this is hard to digest but stay with us. This group share their literature on social media with images like this

What is their argument? Using hashtags like #AboveTheHate #HeartProgress #LoveIsAgeless and #LoveIsLove they preach that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a “consenting” child wanting to explore their sexuality with a “loving adult”.  They normalise this behaviour and say they look forward to the day that a child and an adult can freely and openly express their love without prejudice.

Now there are so many things wrong with the preachings of this movement. To read their arguments turns your stomach. This is nothing more than a group of paedophiles determined to have their sick fantasies involving innocent children become accepted in society. So they can openly exploit and prey upon children without fear of breaking the law and being punished for it.

Make no doubt about it, their argument makes us sick and also many others on Social Media. Their profiles are continuously being reported and removed but they keep popping back up begging for the community’s acceptance of the abuse of children. We need to ask this question – how can they say that a child is consenting? The age of consent is there for a reason.

We have seen comments where these activists have said a child as young as 3 should be able to explore their sexuality with an adult. As a parent I remember my child at the age of 3 wanting to explore the backyard and every cupboard in the house – certainly not their sexuality.

How do we stop this? next time you are on social media look out for their hashtags #AboveTheHate #HeartProgress #LoveIsAgeless and #LoveIsLove and report those accounts, sure they will bounce back but don’t give up. If you see these accounts sharing any child abuse imagery or engaging with a child online report them to the authorities immediately.

Even sharing the images that we have in this blog makes us disgusted but visually you need to see what these sick paedophiles are sharing. So be alert and be proactive but above all lets work together to keep our kids safe and let them enjoy the innocent childhoods they deserve, away from the hands of these evil predators.

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