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Five paedophiles who gang raped a Kenyan 15yr old girl sentenced to life imprisonment.

Over the last couple months Project Rescue Children shared the horrific story of five paedophiles gang raping a 15 year-old Kenyan girl before fleeing to other parts of Kenya.

One by one Project Rescue Children along with local village police found and apprehended each bringing them back to the relevant county to face justice.

We are happy to announce they were found guilty in court this week and each given a life sentence for their incomprehensible crime.

We want to thank the local police for their great work. Together in partnership we have many more cases of similar nature we are working on in rural Kenya.

We also want to thank the wonderful volunteers on the ground doing amazing work for Project Rescue Children, especially Nancy for helping coordinate and never stopping despite corrupt police threats.

Project Rescue Children is continuing to support and provide the necessary assistance for the girl.

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