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Here you will find all Project Rescue Children's active and ongoing campaigns across the globe. We believe that to get jobs done correctly, we need to be on the ground ourselves so there is no middle man or cuts to third parties, reducing your donation and ultimately less for the children. We are the most transparent charity and that is why our donors continue to donate to PRC. 

Click on campaign image to read and donate.

Kenya slum school daily hot meals &
education material

Status: Ongoing. Donate once or monthly

Slum School.jpg

Gambia Village School Build - partnership with 'Diamond You Projects' charity UK

Status: Active

Gambia School.jpg

Child sexual abuse sports workshop

Status: Ongoing. Currently available in Australia

Sport Workshop.jpg

Gambia rescue center refurbishment

Status: Target raised. Completed March 2023

Gambia Rescue Centre.JPG

Ukraine humanitarian aid #2 -
Borodjanka Village

Status: Target raised. Complete 19th June 2022

Aftercare Pack
Status: Active (example image only as brands change per country. Packs contain local items)


Gambia Period Pad Supply and Education
Status: Ongoing. Donate once or monthly

Pads 7.JPG

Support 7 year-old Mary who was raped by her paedophile neighbour
Status: Ongoing. Donate once or monthly


PRC's West Kenya child trafficking & exploitation program - 3 new laptops

Status: Target raised & complete

Kenya Comp.jpg

Ukraine humanitarian aid #1 -
Demydiv Village

Status: Target raised. Completed 11 May 2022.

Rebuild Kenya slum school
Status: Target raised. Completed February 2023


Support Mireya - The Miracle Baby
Status: Ongoing. Monthly sponsorship. 


New Roof  - Gambian Rescue Center
Status: Target raised. Completed March 2023

Gambia Roof 4.jpg

Purchase and renovation of our Philippine children's rescue and rehabilitation centre
Status: Ongoing


Support 3 year-old Syprosine a rape survivor
Status: Ongoing. Donate once or monthly

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