To ensure we can help more children and give them quality support, we need to update the facilities as part of our partnership. Project Rescue Children and Mama Jane are working to rebuild their Rescue Center in Kisumu, Kenya to facilitate more children. Right now more than anything, we need to raise funds to start construction and renovating at the Recovery Center. We have also started initial talks with our partners in Kenya to build a brand new rescue and rehabilitation center on the East Coast area of Mombasa, where child trafficking and exploitation is a major problem.


Despite attacks from a rogue Kenyan charity, who does not like the fact PRC is actually helping Kenyan children in the same area they 'say' they operate, we will not be deterred by anyone including their corrupt rogue police officers friends trying to intimated and scare our amazing Kenyan volunteers. There is no other charity that is as transparent then PRC. We want to be different then 'other' charities, by showing exactly where your donations go.

 We would love for you to support our Mama Jane Project by donating to the link below. To be able to continue doing what we do, we need to raise funds for the following projects, which we have had professional quotations from local builders, security, water and electricity suppliers:

1. Construction of two new roof structures $4,870 (raised) (New roof and front porch extension COMPLETE)

2. Solar Panels for electricity connection to house $5,000 USD (raised) (Installation COMPLETE)

3. Perimeter fencing and Gate for security $3,000 USD (raised) (Installation COMPLETE)

4. Water bore hole drilling and connection to house $11,375 USD, (raised - waiting for contractor to start) 

5. CCTV security around property $2,000 USD,

6. New beds, mattresses and blankets for careers and children $3,200 USD (raised)

The below link is for our GoFundMe Campaign set up for the above projects (except project number 1. That's due to an amazing couple Claire and Daniel, who have started their own campaign for the two new roofs)

Follow this link to donate to our reconstruction campaign:  gf.me/u/ytsway



These projects will supply running water, electricity, security, and new roofing to our rescued children. We ask that you donate rather than sponsor at this time. 

Thank you, Adam

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In November 2017 Project Rescue Children were proud to become sponsors of Nancy. Nancy is 15 years old and lives in the outskirts of Mombasa, Kenya with her mother. Nancy is a survivor of horrific physical and sexual abuse sustained over a long period of time which has left her with various physical injuries and learning difficulties. Nancy's mother has also had to give up work to care for Nancy. When we heard Nancy's story we were compelled to help and with less than the cost of a coffee each day we have been able to provide Nancy with all her educational needs as well as provide living expenses to support Nancy and her mother at home. 


Unlike other sponsorship programs we do not pool funds and spread out throughout the community. Our sponsorship goes directly to the child and family. The funds are administered and monitored by our partners in Kenya, who also monitor Nancy's school attendance and grades. 


If you would like more information on how you can sponsor a child like Nancy, make an immediate effect on their lives and protect them from being lured into a life of sex trafficking keep reading below. To make an immediate impact please complete the application form below.  This page including our sponsor children ,is updated regularly do to new sponsors. All our children in Kenya are in the one location. They are being taken care of by Mama Jane, in the area of Kisumu, West Kenya. PRC is now in partnership with Mama Jane and will be rebuilding and fixing the property for the benefit of the orphaned and abused children she takes in from the street. Some of children you can sponsor at the bottom of this page.

Boy or Girl (we will try to match a child to your request):




Why sponsor a child?

Sponsoring a child is the most personal, and effective way to fight poverty, slavery, exploitation, abuse and human trafficking. When you sponsor a child in need, you build a special relationship that encourages your child with hope for the future. Giving them safety and freedom. Our sponsorship is $35 US ($50 AUD) per month and is the most direct and person child sponsorship program out there. We currently have children waiting for sponsorship in Kenya, Soon in our new rescue center in The Gambia, and Myanmar (Burma) On hold at this moment due to political unrest. 

What does my $35 USD ($50 AUD) a month do?

Unlike large charities we do not ‘pool’ monthly sponsorship donations, which go to the whole community and not the sponsored child. With all Project Rescue Children sponsorship's you’ll help the child and family directly. There is no middle man taking their cut. Besides possible bank or money exchange fees, there are no fees. We have studied other programs closely and created what we believe, is the best and most personal sponsorship, creating the best impact for your sponsorship. When you sponsor a child, you can build a relationship with your child through letters and photos and of course can travel and meet in person. They will become part of your family.

What your sponsored child gets

Your $35 US ($50 AUD) covers meals at home, clothes, bedding, reading and education material, access to National Hospital Insurance Cover (if possible), monthly reports and one hot meal at school (if attending school). Your donation also includes regular monitoring of their progress and well-being by our local partners and or our own PRC representatives, protection from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Any encouraging cards, letters, photos, or packages that you send. After making your initial monthly donation to your chosen child, you will receive a small welcome pack. That's it, as simple as that. Start building your relationship. We will strive to give as many up dates as possible on the ground, including pictures and stories your child may have or want to send you.

What makes Project Rescue Children distinct?

We go to some of the world’s hardest places and serve the most vulnerable children to human trafficking, slavery and exploitation.

All PRC sponsor children are orphaned, homeless, or victims of trafficking or exploitation. We go to the location ourselves and we make sure the most vulnerable are taken care of and to make sure the children are real with real stories.
You can get to know your sponsored child through letters and photos, packages, and email. You can even visit your sponsored child at any time and see how your donation is helping transform their lives. We don't have fancy brochures trying to sell you sponsorship, we have real children in need, who through our own research and checking are in desperate need of help. Due to overwhelming support and amount of donors wanting to sponsor we allow up to two sponsors per child.

We wanted to introduce a simple, yet more personal and direct sponsorship program, where every cent of your donation, goes directly to the child. This is how our three step phase works: You - PRC - PRC Representative - Child. Just choose a child below, complete the application form, and we will get back to you. Once all is confirmed and your first payment is received, that's it. Welcome to PRC's family.

Once your donation is sent to PRC on the first day of each month, we will forward it directly to our own PRC representative on the ground, they withdraw it in cash and hand it to the family (host) with instructions of the sponsorship. You will also be able to send gifts and other items. When you do, pictures will be shown once the items arrive to your sponsored child. This is to show how direct an impact you will make to your sponsored child. Again, there is no pooling of your money to the whole community, as all other sponsor programs do. You can feel assured your donation goes to your sponsor child (minus any bank transfer fees). PRC will not be taking any of your donation.

From our research, there is no other child sponsorship program like ours. When you sponsor a child, you get to watch the impact of your donation on your child and their family, celebrating freedom, safety and guidance with them along the way. The team at PRC want you to have a more personal experience in sponsoring a child. This is why we have created a unique and personal sponsorship program, with you knowing your donation is going directly to your sponsored child. No other sponsor program can guarantee you that.



Payment & Renewal:


Please fill out the form above before beginning payment. You will receive an email to confirm your sponsor child & preferred payment options. Once you have confirmed these details, you can process payments to Project Rescue Children. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

· You may pay for your sponsorship online by credit card or PayPal (visit https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/PRchildren), or by direct bank transfer to PRC registered charity ANZ bank (visit http://www.projectrescuechildren.org/donate-.html or see below) All donations paid 1st day of each month.

Project Rescue Children is a registered charity foundation in The Gambia and soon will open a rescue center in partnership. 


Project Rescue Children became registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) as Project Rescue Children Limited in 2017. Australian Business Number (ABN): 50 618 341 414

Project Rescue Children Ltd is an Australian Public Company registered with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) as a Charitable Organisation and is endorsed with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Status.

This means your sponsorship over $2 is tax deductible.


Bank Transfer (Only for transfers within Australia):

ANZ Bank - Project Rescue Children Ltd.
BSB: 014 688
Account: 465 303 562



Please contact your bank to set up recurring payment option for the 1st day of each month.


Sponsorship can also be paid on a monthly recurring payment, set up through our official Child Sponsorship PayPal account https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=P5DE5FL68ZE3S




· If PRC does not receive your renewal payment, a 2-month grace period will be provided, after which sponsorship will be considered terminated and the sponsored child returned to un-sponsored status. At this point the child will be posted on PRC’s website so they may receive a new sponsor. You are welcome to sponsor again at any time, but PRC cannot guarantee that the original child will be available to sponsor.




Assignment of Sponsored Children:

· You may select a child to sponsor through PRC’s website or you may request PRC to assign a child to you based on your specifications. PRC cannot guarantee the availability of a child to sponsor based on your specifications if any, but we will do our best to match you with an appropriate child. We allow up to a maximum of two sponsors per child. 

· PRC reserves the right to change your sponsored child at any time. Due to the unstable nature of economic opportunity in the areas we work and other issues such as family commitments that may require relocation, children occasionally move with their families outside of PRC’s support area. Families of sponsored children may also attain a level of income where they no longer require aid, at which point PRC will assign a new child whose family is facing more dire economic hardship. We will notify you of any change by email and work with you to find a new child to sponsor.

Terminating Your Sponsorship:

· We encourage sponsors to support the same child throughout the course of their education (if available) for as long as they are able. This allows children to continue their education uninterrupted and facilitates a relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored children. To ensure uninterrupted services to your sponsored child, a minimum sponsorship commitment of 12 months is required. However, sponsorship can be terminated before this date.

· If at any point you decide to discontinue your sponsorship, at least 3 months advance notice is required. Contact PRC by email to provide advance notice.

Communication with Sponsored Children:

· You can send a written message to your sponsored child via post; however, we recommend sending via email. If no email is available for your sponsored child, due to no electricity or internet access, our volunteers in the local area will print and hand your message to your sponsored child. Visiting your sponsored child in person is of course allowed and encouraged by PRC. We want you to build a lifelong relationship with your sponsored child.

· Please allow substantial time for translation and delivery before expecting a reply from your sponsored child. We will deliver your messages as quickly as we can, but it may take up to several weeks before you receive a reply. Thank you for your patience!

The Centre:

The Rescue Centre Ray Of Hope, is not connected to any government organization. Since Mama Jane was helping children out of the kindness of her heart she was not into red tape and dealing with corrupt government authorities, so since PRC partnered with her we worked on the appropriate documents by the Ministry of East African Community (EAC), Labor and Social Protection. State Department for Social Protection Department of Social Development - Kisumu County, Sub - County - South Nyakach, Ward. Unfortunately, we were faced with extreme corruption and individuals and authorities wanted personal payments to get the certificates, which we refuse to aid further corruption. We are working on it with our legal team in Kenya. Community Based Organization (CBO) Project Objectives: To provide substitute care for children in a stable and safe living environment. To provide a program for residential care. Due to their individual situations and circumstances, some children do not have any legal birth certificates. Mamma Jane is working with local authorities to fix those issues on an individual basis. After almost ten months dealing with corruption our rescue center 'Ray Of Hope' has now been issued with the legal CBO. Thank you to the village chief and Director of registration for your support and assistance. 

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Ray Of Hope Chief Letter.JPG