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Fighting Child Trafficking and Exploitation

A Global Not-For-Profit Since 2017

Our vision is for every child, in every country, to be safe and free from trafficking and exploitation.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to educate, rescue and protect children from child trafficking and exploitation across the globe. We achieve this through rescue, aftercare, education and awareness. We are committed to restoring and empowering the rights of every child. ​This is one conversation the world is not having. The only way to combat child trafficking is to get the message out, to raise awareness and to educate the nation. So we need to start talking and we need to make our voices loud. More than a million children right now are depending on us. 


Project Rescue Children collaborates with local businesses and communities to promote reporting. We utilize advertising, networking, and social media to raise awareness. In addition, we conduct surveillance both online and on the frontline by going undercover. Humanitarian initiatives are implemented within communities to acquire valuable insights.


Project Rescue Children collaborates with local authorities to compile evidence and build a case. We support local authorities in the rescue of children and the apprehension of perpetrators. Our team operates in the Dark Web to locate abused children and track down child predators. The evidence we gather is crucial in holding these predators accountable before the law.


Project Rescue Children shelters children who have been victims of trafficking and exploitation in our facilities located in Kenya, the Philippines, and Gambia. Additionally, Project Rescue Children collaborates with recognized NGOs, community-based organizations (CBO), and government agencies in the respective regions to offer counseling, housing, and protection to survivors.


About Our Organization

We are a global not-for-profit charity dedicated to fighting child trafficking and exploitation. We believe that every child deserves to live a life free from fear and exploitation, and we work tirelessly to achieve that goal on the frontlines and online.


Children In Need




Child Rescue Mission In Partnership



We operate deep on the frontline. 

Over the years, Project Rescue Children has made a significant impact in the fight against child trafficking and exploitation. We have rescued and rehabilitated many children, providing them with a new lease on life. Our work has also helped to raise awareness about child safety online and the importance of protecting children from harm. We believe that every child has the right to a safe and happy childhood, and we will continue to work towards this goal until every child is safe and protected.

We aim to build a better world for children by going where others don't.

Project Rescue Children believes that every child deserves to live in a safe environment, free from harm and exploitation. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of the issues and the needs of the children we serve. We work closely with local communities, governments, and NGOs to ensure that our programs are effective, safe and sustainable.

PRC undercover operatives work tirelessly day and night infiltrating trafficking gangs in order to rescue children from trafficking, exploitation and sacrifice rituals in cooperation with law enforcement. 

Rescue operation Philippines 2023

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