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Through initiatives of rescue and rehabilitation, we are fighting together against child trafficking and all forms of exploitation.

We go into the darkness to free children

Self-generated content, where a child victim is groomed and coerced into creating images and video of their abuse has grown significantly. Offenders record their interactions with images of the victim shared through online platforms or networks.

Live-streaming of child sexual exploitation for payment has also seen an increase in recent years. Survivors of childhood sexual abuse require long-term recovery to deal with their trauma. The repeated sharing of images and videos portraying the abuse re-victimizes survivors and hinders their recovery.

Project Rescue Children has a specialist team who operate inside the dark web. All investigations and findings are communicated, logged and passed to our police liaison officer who then makes contact with the appropriate law enforcement. 

Our team has been able to find child sexual abuse material (CSAM) that has resulted in arrests and rescues. 

We also infiltrate paedophile websites seeking information about abuse, travel arrangements to abuse local children and buying of babies from traffickers. We have been successful in numerous rescue operations in the Philippines as a result of our dark web investigations. 

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Our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly online to collect information, gather intelligence, and collaborate with law enforcement to find exploited children and rescue them from dangerous situations. Human trafficking takes on various forms around the globe, and each child's path to safety is unique.

Project Rescue Children field operatives work in dangerous regions to build a false rapport with child traffickers and predators prior to liberating children who are victims of exploitation or trafficking. The rescue squads collaborate with law enforcement on investigations and rescue operations.

We do more than rescue children. We give back to communities.

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