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PRC 'BE BRAVE' Child Safety Workshop

We are firm believers that prevention and awareness play a crucial role in combating child trafficking and exploitation. This is why we collaborate with communities and educational institutions to increase awareness regarding the risks associated with child trafficking and exploitation, and to educate both children and parents on online safety practices. The initiative BE BRAVE received swift approval from the Gambian Education Minister and the department of education. They were impressed by its uniqueness and promptly integrated it into the Gambian school curriculum.


When children are saved from trafficking and exploitation, it is crucial to provide them with a secure and nurturing atmosphere to facilitate their healing and recovery process. Our rescue and rehabilitation facilities located in Kenya, Gambia, and the Philippines offer a sanctuary where children receive shelter, education, and medical attention. Additionally, we provide counseling and support services to assist these children in overcoming their traumatic experiences and rebuilding their lives.

We strive to bring about changes in laws and policies that contribute to the ongoing issue of child trafficking and exploitation. Our main objective is to push for more robust laws and policies that safeguard children from trafficking and exploitation. Additionally, we are dedicated to ensuring that those responsible for these heinous crimes, such as traffickers and exploiters, are held accountable for their actions.

Online Class

Coming soon: Child Safety Homeschooling Workshop

Our home-based child safety education workshops are thoughtfully created by parents at PRC with families like yours in mind. Delving into every aspect of safeguarding for children, from understanding personal boundaries to navigating the digital landscape safely, we tackle important topics such as recognizing grooming behaviors, whether online or offline, and equip both children and adults with the knowledge to identify potential risks. Engagement is key! We foster an environment where children are encouraged to actively participate and immerse themselves in the learning experience. Plus, our content is tailored to suit different age groups and cater to the specific needs of our audience. At Project Rescue Children, our goal is clear: to educate and empower, ensuring that every child and family feels equipped and confident. Fear has no place here; instead, we focus on building resilience and awareness. Join us in creating a safer world for our children.

Sports Child Safety Workshop

 Project Rescue Children is well aware of the long-standing issue of child sexual abuse within sporting clubs. Our organization is now more determined than ever to eradicate this problem by providing education and raising awareness about CSA in sports. We have developed a unique workshop that aims to educate both children and parents about the harsh realities of CSA. It is important to note that our workshop is made possible through generous donations. However, in order to expand our reach and make a significant impact on a national and international scale, we require your support. Together, we can make a difference in all children's sporting clubs.

Children's Soccer Coach
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