Project Rescue Children is a 100% volunteer organisation that relies on donations. There are different ways you can donate and every dollar does make a difference. 

Our donations are used not only for the operational expenses of Project Rescue Children and our rescues, but we also invest in the children of the areas we work in. We are very big on transparency and love to show exactly where donors donations are going. 95% of your donation goes directly to our cause with 5% going towards administration fees. When we start a new project or program, we promote them through fundraising platforms. All funds raised minus fundraising fees or bank fees, are then sent for that specific project/program. Everyone from our CEO to the board of directors to volunteers, receive no salary or financial benefits. Whether it's support for the safe houses or providing education and sports supplies we do whatever we can to give these children the best opportunities.

As we continue our expansion into other countries, we are also updating to online banking moving away from main stream banking due to large and unnecessary fees to both our donors and charity. We have chosen 'Wise' (was Transfer-Wise) as the bank for our future expansion. Below we are updating (September 2021) details of our new accounts in each country so you don't need to transfer internationally anymore if you reside in the countries below saving you fees. 


Aus Flag.png

Direct Transfer (within Australia)

ANZ Bank - Project Rescue Children Ltd.
BSB: 014 688
Account: 465 303 562

UK Flag.png

Direct Transfer (within United Kingdom)

TransferWise Bank - Project Rescue Children
Sort Code: 23-14-70
Account: 79746531

IBAN: GB91 TRWI 2314 7079 7465 31

US Flag.png

Direct Transfer (within United States)

TransferWise Bank - Project Rescue Children
Routing Number: 084 009 519
Account: 9600 0011 0276 5065

Account Type: Checking

NZ Flag.png

Direct Transfer (within New Zealand)

TransferWise Bank - Project Rescue Children
Account Number: 04-2021-0096119-53


Direct Transfer (within Europe)

TransferWise Bank - Project Rescue Children

IBAN: BE59 9672 2527 8826


Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, Brussels, 1050, Belgium


Direct Transfer (within Canada)

TransferWise Bank - Project Rescue Children
Institution number: 621

Account number: 200110126432

Transit number: 16001


595 Burrard Street, Vancouver BC V7X 1L7, Canada

singapore flag.jpg

Direct Transfer (within Singapore)

TransferWise Bank - Project Rescue Children
Bank code: 7171

Account number: 885-074-158-998


1 Paya Lebar Link #13-06, PLQ 2, Paya, Lebar Quarter, Singapore


Direct Transfer (within Gambia)

GTB Bank - Project Rescue Children Foundation

Account number: 206-367673-1590

Address: GTB Bank Bambo 


PayPal Giving Fund works to ensure charities are in good standing. PayPal Giving Fund verify

that receiving charities are registered, have a deductible gift recipient status and are not on recognized sanctions lists. PayPal Giving Fund does not charge you or the charity you selected a fee for this donation; note: currency conversion fees apply when converting currency. 100% will go to PRC. Donate today.


Donate directly to any of our projects or programs through our official Linktree account.


Donate $10 per month on a reoccurring monthly payment. 


Donate $25 per month on a reoccurring monthly payment. 


Donate $50 per month on a reoccurring monthly payment. 


Donate $75 per month on a reoccurring monthly payment. 


Donate $100 per month on a reoccurring monthly payment. 


Donate through our QR Code Scan code using your phone.

We accept monetary donations. Donate securely below. 

Project Rescue Children – Refund Policy

Project Rescue Children is instituting a donation refund policy to ensure fair and transparent processing of requests for refund of donations as digital payments are becoming more frequent. Project Rescue Children expects that all donors will exercise due care and diligence while making donations. However, Project Rescue Children is not obliged to make refunds and may, in its discretion, decline any requests for refund of donations, particularly if a tax exemption certificate has been issued.

Due to the nature of charity donations, refunds are given at the discretion of the board of Directors.

In the event of an incorrect amount being entered, or if the donation is made accidentally or there is an extremely unusual circumstance, please contact Project Rescue Children in writing, using the contact information provided on the donation page. The request should have the details of the initial donation including the date, amount, name of the donor, the receipt number and the nature of the error. PRC management will review the request and respond within 48 hours.

If a donation is refunded, the associated tax receipt is no longer valid and should be destroyed.

Please note: refunds of amounts donated will not automatically be made simply because you have changed your mind.

If a donation return request is successful, the return can only be made to the individual who made the donation. 

The Charity will not return the donation to any account other than one registered with the donor. If you have any questions, concerns, requests, or comments about privacy, you can contact Project Rescue Children by email.