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August Newsletter

In August 2023, PRC successfully rescued 9 children and one young woman from trafficking and exploitation, and in collaboration with partnering agencies and law enforcement, had 5 predators/traffickers arrested.

News from PRC Uganda

In August, in an operation linked to our previous UNHCR ‘refugees’ rescue mission held in June, and after an extensive period of surveillance, two simultaneous operations were executed which resulted in two additional individuals involved in child trafficking being apprehended. This successful operation took place through collaboration between PRC, partnering agencies, and Ugandan law enforcement authorities working undercover.

We would like to express our gratitude for the ongoing support and generous donations that are instrumental in our global fight against child trafficking and exploitation.

Exploited Child Reunited with Her Loving Family

In February, we collaborated with Ugandan law enforcement to successfully rescue 47 children who had been abducted and trafficked as part of an international trafficking operation.

On August 3rd, PRC had the opportunity to joyfully reunite one of these children with her adoring family, who were entirely innocent in the kidnapping.

Since being abducted on her way to school in November 2022, she has made great progress and is overjoyed to be reunited with her mother and siblings once again.

Our commitment to combating child trafficking and exploitation remains steadfast, as we strive to protect the well-being and happiness of all children worldwide.

News from PRC Kenya

PRC is excited to announce the launch of a new program, details of which we will share along the way. Spearheaded by Mr. Eric, our Head of Operations in Kenya, the program’s primary objective is aiding children identified in a Human Trafficking Awareness program attended by PRC representatives in August, which also attracted over 1000 children from all over Nairobi.

Some areas of purpose for the event were to:

• Offer guidance to the young people.

• Discuss human trafficking and smuggling of migrants.

• Discuss drug and substance abuse.

• Help teen mothers.

• Discourage the kids from engaging in drug and substance abuse.

Outcomes of the Camp:

The children really opened up and shared some of the things they go through living in the slums of Nairobi. From their testimonies the following matters were unveiled:

• Rape cases (19)

• Kids forced to sell drugs (13)

• Underage pregnancies (4)

• School dropouts (201)

• Street kids

• Trafficking (Internally) 4

• Kids snatching/ mugging for a living (9)

The camp was highly commendable, offering valuable information that has been duly recorded through the program. The children received comprehensive instructions on understanding their rights, and learning how and where to seek assistance if they encounter threats or feel unsafe in certain situations or around certain individuals.

PRC Online Grooming Rescue

We are pleased to announce that a 15-year-old boy has been safely rescued after falling victim to Sextortion. The incident occurred when he engaged with a female profile gamer while playing ‘Overwatch’, leading to the formation of a seemingly deeper relationship, despite never meeting or speaking to each other.

Sadly, the boy eventually sent explicit pictures of himself to someone he believed to be a 16-year-old girl. However, it was discovered that the individual he had been communicating with was actually a 43-year-old predator from Albania.

Over a period of four months, the boy's emotional well-being deteriorated significantly, resulting in feelings of loneliness and stress. Concerned by his sudden change in behaviour and eating habits, his parents intervened. It was during his confession that he revealed sending his savings, earned from part-time work to the predator via PayPal.

In June, the boy's British parents reached out to PRC for help after being referred by one of our followers. Our Dark Web team immediately investigated the case, seeking permission to gain control of the teenager's accounts with the aim of tracking down the predator. After five weeks of intensive efforts, the predator's location was successfully identified.

On Wednesday, August 16th, law enforcement apprehended the 43-year-old man, suspecting him of engaging in blackmail. We acknowledge that laws vary across different countries, but we can confirm that the perpetrator has been compelled to return the funds taken from the victim.

This serves as a cautionary tale for parents. It emphasises the importance of educating children of all ages about the risks associated with chatting to strangers online and accepting friend requests from unfamiliar individuals. We urge parents to closely monitor their child's behaviour and online activities for signs of potential danger.

“We sincerely express our gratitude to PRC for their intervention, as without their help, our son's fate could have been dire. This experience has compelled our family to recognise the utmost significance of online safety. It is a stark reminder that even within the walls of our own home, strangers can inflict harm upon our children, unknowingly. We are immensely grateful to PRC for acting as our guardian angels for our child's protection.”

We urge parents to be vigilant and know who your children are in contact with online. We will continue to fight online and on the frontlines against child trafficking and exploitation.

News From PRC Philippines

In August, the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) released police footage of our collaborative operation in July, aimed at rescuing trafficked children.

We would like to extend our commendation to the NBI officers who participated in the investigation for their exceptional dedication, cooperation, professionalism, and care in handling the rescued girls.

We anticipate future collaborations as we continue to investigate numerous cases of child trafficking and exploitation.

The children involved in this specific rescue are currently safe, well, and receiving the individualised care they require.

Other Good News

After a heartfelt selection process and public vote, Project Rescue Children was selected as the very first ‘Charity of the Month’ for Juice Plus+ Australia and New Zealand, resulting in a generous donation made in August of $3,493.32, which will go directly towards PRC’s ongoing operations and projects.

“We’re so moved by the extraordinary efforts of Project Rescue Children in safeguarding and rescuing vulnerable children globally. It’s an absolute honour for us to be a part of supporting this exceptional cause.” Juice Plus+ AuNz said.

Finishing the month off, our incredible PRC supporter Ellie Grey put together a fantastic fun filled night in the UK where patrons enjoyed dinner, dancing, drinking and donating!

The event, which included an auction, plus entertainment from Rudimental and a full host of other talented DJ's & artists, raised an incredible £3318 (net), and all proceeds will go directly to PRC to help us fight child trafficking and exploitation globally.

Finally, we’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our wonderful donors, volunteers, and supporters, whose unwavering commitment and generosity continues to bring about a profound and positive transformation in the lives of victims of trafficking and exploitation worldwide.

Your support fuels our tireless efforts to provide essential resources, rehabilitation programs, and a safe haven for those who have suffered unthinkable injustices. Thank you.

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