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May and June Newletter

We rescued a total of 2 (plus an undisclosed amount of children rescued from UN refugee camp - details to follow) children from trafficking and exploitation. In cooperation with law enforcement we also had 2 traffickers/paedophiles arrested.


In the most extensive operation Adam and Project Rescue Children have been involved with and headed, PRC connected with 12 different law enforcement agencies and with our partner from Uganda (MACS) we are pleased to finally share in a first of a kind rescue inside a United Nations UNHCR Camp that we have successfully, and safely, rescued an undisclosed number of trafficked children in north Kenya close to the South Sudan border. (currently we are unable to divulge the number of victims rescued due to it being an ongoing rescue and disclosure operation)

The investigation aspect of the operation is ongoing after further details were retrieved from our arrested trafficker. Adam and PRC are confident we will soon arrest more traffickers involved and, additionally, rescue more trafficked children.

An important and key factor in this rescue announcement is us sharing with you shockingly WHERE these children were rescued from. These children were rescued from a United Nations Refugee camp! The UN agency representatives on scene (who found out after we did the operation) didn’t want this story getting out to the media and general public. The UN refugee camp is a complete disgrace & victims are living in shocking conditions. No security at all, PRC could have taken a lot more kids out of the camp and no one would suspect a thing. 

The law enforcement agencies involved in assisting with the rescue operation included teams from Uganda & Kenya. Uganda - Interpol, CID, human trafficking unit. Make a child smile - NGO ( MACS) (PRC partners) , Immigration, Embassy, Kenya - Interpol, DCI, DCI Child Protection, Counter terrorism unit, local police & DCI. 

FYI: Most human traffickers here are linked to terrorism groups like Al-Shabaab, hence the Kenyan anti terrorism unit joined us. 

Big thanks to everyone who was donating to Project Rescue Children & our aftercare pack campaign which are a huge help to our survivors we rescue. Further information to come soon!

This fully funded PRC investigation is still ongoing with Ugandan PRC & authorities, and we anticipate additional arrests and rescues in the near future. 

An emerging pattern in child trafficking uses the pretext of children being refugees when, in reality, they are being subjected to trafficking and are kept in refugee camps until they reach the final destination. 

As a result, we are requesting an immediate investigation into the United Nations ‘potential involvement in child trafficking. Furthermore, the Ugandan authorities and government are also calling upon the UNHCR to provide a full explanation. 

We want to thank Kenyan, Ugandan and Interpol law enforcement officers who joined PRC and our partners MACS in this multinational child trafficking operation. 

Thank you to all our donors who made this and all our operations possible. 

Project Rescue Children would like to welcome our newest PRC Volunteers and Ambassadors:

We are proud to welcome our newest members to the PRC Ambassador family, Stacey Copas and Edith Kukiriza. We are grateful to have both Stacey and Edith on board and appreciate their individual missions and support! 

Furthermore, as we excitedly continue to expand globally on the frontlines and in places where no-one operates, as the leading anti non-government child trafficking and exploitation organisation, we are additionally now rapidly growing our (free) ‘Child Safety’ educational workshops. 

In recent times, we have been very concerned with the shift that governments and educational departments, within most Western countries, have taken towards the blatant grooming of school children. 

As a result and rightfully so we have seen more parents turn to homeschooling as a safer way to educate their own children. 

This is why we have been working on a child safety educational workshop for homeschoolers headed by our newest member, Janelle Wehbe. 

Janelle is an experienced homeschooling parent and she is very passionate about the safety and protection of all children, and joins our team as PRC Home Education Manager. 

We are super excited for what’s going on behind the scenes and collaborations creating the first ever Child Safety Homeschooling program. Welcome to the team Janelle!

Additionally, we are incredibly honoured and excited to introduce our new PRC Education Manager in The Gambia, Therese Loppy!

As we implement our free ‘Be Brave’ Child Safety Workshop into The Gambian school curriculum (in partnership with the Gambian Education Minister and Education Department) we are building a wonderful team of experienced educators to implement our workshop into schools for all ages and levels across the country. 

Approximately 100,000 students in 1,500 schools will be taught our PRC Child Safety Workshop headed by Gambia Education Manager, Therese Loppy, and by Natalie London our PRC International Director of Education. (Natalie and Therese pictured below)

We will also be teaching our Child Safety Workshop to all children in rural communities (approximately 45,000 children) that do not attend school due to poverty. We want all children safe and educated from grooming, paedophiles, trafficking and exploitation and we strongly believe that poverty should not be a factor in keeping children safe. 

Following the announcement of our Child Safety Workshop being implemented in all schools across the wider Gambia, we are now proud to announce our formal signed partnership with The Gambia Ministry of Education! We are very honoured to be the first not-for-profit NGO to partner with the Gambian education Minister and Gambian Education Department to educate all children in all schools about child safety issues including trafficking, exploitation, online grooming and paedophiles. 

We want to thank everyone who supported us and worked behind the scenes volunteering their precious time to help keep children safe. Thank you to Natalie London PRC Director/Director International Education for your late nights, and endless hours helping make this a reality. 



It took our Dark Web team five days to trace the location of a predator, a twelve year old boy on Fortnite chat. 

Concerned parents contacted PRC after checking their son’s gaming chats. One conversation stood out from the others prompting the father to start chatting as if it was his son. 

The chat lead by the predator turned to asking for pictures of the boy in his underwear. Immediately the father passed the chat to PRC which we continued. It took PRC another five days of chatting back and forth before we pinpointed an IP address located in Spain. 

We can confirm after passing our case file containing our evidence to the relevant authorities, a 28 year old male and married father of two children has been arrested. Investigations continue into other predators connected. 

We want to applaud the parents for checking their sons' online activity and taking the appropriate action. The boy is doing well and has had a very real life lesson about online safety. 


We knew as soon as PRC Philippines was established on the ground we would run off our feet. Within our first two weeks our newest passionate volunteers had worked overtime on two cases of sexual abuse and rape. We believe nowhere near enough is being done on the frontlines. That’s why PRC exists. To actually help children not just post on social media and do nothing in reality, which is why we have paedophile trolls and their sympathisers continually try to attack us and our indisputable and transparent work. 

We are also putting things in place for a new partnership with law enforcement and establishing safe houses to help with aftercare. At the same time we will look for our own PRC rescue centre as we have in Kenya and Gambia. 

We are pleased to announce the successful apprehension of a serial child rapist following an extensive two-week investigation in response to reports of sexual abuse and rape by two young girls. 

This represents our first successful operation in the Philippines, and we extend our sincere appreciation to the local law enforcement for their support. 

Our primary objective now is to ensure the safety of the victims and their families as the perpetrator has reportedly made death threats. We promised the girls that we could prioritise their well-being, and we will continue to do so with the utmost dedication. 

We would like to express our gratitude for the ongoing support and donations that have made this possible, and we are pleased to report that the girls are in good spirits and relieved that their abuser has been apprehended. 

Why has PRC launched in the Philippines?

The Philippines remains a “source and destination” for various forms of child abuse, especially child exploitation, child trafficking, sale, sexual abuse forced marriage, among others and forced labour. 

It has made noteworthy efforts to improve the policy, legal and institutional framework in view of protecting children against the many forms of sexual abuse and sale of  the children. 

From 2021 - 2022 a staggering 72% of all of child abuse cases on average involved sexual abuse or assault, according to the monitoring by Women and Children protection units. 

According to a report by the ECPAT international, INTERPOL and UNICEF Office of Research - Innocent titled “ Disrupting harm,” 20 percent or at least two million children in the Philippines aged 12-17 had experienced online sexual abuse in 2021.

Despite new laws, CSA, exploitation and trafficking of children continues to grow thanks to mostly Western paedophiles either travelling to the Philippines

to rape children or to use live-streaming as they site in their safe bubble overseas. Australian predators alone have spent $1.3 million on live streams to view CSA material in the Philippines. 

(Pictured below our PRC team during and after our first successful rescue operation as communicated above.)

Thank you to all our amazing supporters and donors from around the world for making all this happen and helping Project Rescue Children be the leading organisation fighting child trafficking and exploitation around the world.

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