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NOTE: If you have evidence of child sexual abuse it's your responsibility to report it immediately to police.

  • Do you have reason to suspect that a child is being trafficked for sex?

  • Have you seen children being prostituted while travelling?

  • Do you suspect someone of exploiting children through child sexual abuse material, online grooming, or other inappropriate activities?

Report suspicious behaviour directly to PRC through our 'Project Rescue Children' app, available on Android and IOS. PRC will then investigate reports from anywhere in the world. Our intelligence team is made up of retired police detectives who will use your report to create a plan of action to assist in rescuing children from exploitation.

You information will be sent directly to our intelligence team. You may or may not be contacted back as we are inundated with reports that we assess. We guarantee confidentiality. If you have evidence of child abuse you have an obligation to report it immediately to local authorities. We can not pass on your evidence to police on your behalf. 

Thank you for helping us protect children from exploitation.

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