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December Newsletter

In December 2023, in collaboration with partnering agencies and law enforcement, Project Rescue Children successfully had 1 predator arrested, and continues to fight to rescue, edcucate and rehabilitate children affected by trafficking and exploitation worldwide.

News from PRC The Philippines

New Centre - Update

On December 2nd, we reached a remarkable milestone by officially assuming ownership of our inaugural, 100% owned rescue and rehabilitation centre in the Philippines. This achievement was made possible thanks to the resounding success of our fundraising event held in London on October 6th, where the proceeds entirely funded this centre.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this cause — those who attended the event, donated prizes for the raffle, offered financial support, purchased tickets, and participated in the auction. Your collective support enables us to directly impact the lives of rescued children facing trafficking and exploitation in the Philippines.

With official ownership secured, we are now navigating the necessary paperwork and procedures to register the centre, ensuring it becomes a secure refuge for these vulnerable children. Our immediate focus will be on housing girls in compliance with Philippine laws mandating separate accommodations for boys and girls in such facilities. Simultaneously, plans are underway for constructing a new dwelling on the premises dedicated to accommodating boys. This expansion will empower us to provide equitable care and assistance to all children in need.

Operated exclusively by devoted volunteers from Project Rescue Children Philippines, the centre will receive vital support from local professionals including doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists, and teachers. Their expertise and dedication will play a pivotal role in the rehabilitation and well-being of the children in our care.

Once more, our deepest gratitude extends to our global supporters and volunteers.

PRC Philippines Director delivers a welcome message and showcases the new centre

Rescue Operation - Update

We're pleased to share that two suspects apprehended in October, in a collaborative operation between Project Rescue Children Philippines and our online DarkWeb team have admitted guilt in a newborn child trafficking scheme. They've been sentenced to six years for their involvement. Further inquiries are ongoing into additional suspects tied to this trafficking syndicate. 

Initially discovered by our online DarkWeb team, this case underwent thorough investigation before transitioning to our on-ground team for further scrutiny. Once we amassed conclusive evidence, we engaged our contacts at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to aid in the final sting operation leading to the arrests. The well-being of the baby remains a priority, and we're glad to report that the infant is healthy and receiving care under the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

In 2024, our commitment intensifies as we delve deeper into combating the appalling trafficking of newborn babies.

Footage from the October operation featured on GMA Regional TV


News from PRC The Gambia

We’re comforted to announce the apprehension of an individual involved in the act of child rape. In November, a 14-year-old girl named Ruby was subjected to an horrific assault and rape in close proximity to her home, by an unidentified male. The appalling incident shocked the village community, which lies several hours away from the Gambian capital, Banjul. Gambian police swiftly contacted PRC Gambia to request assistance in the investigation. PRC volunteers immediately drove the four hour journey to meet the victim and her family, both driving and funding Ruby’s visit to the hospital for physical examinations including an HIV test (result negative).

The rapist had fled the area, but police circulated a detailed description of him including distinguishable features which was given by the victim. PRC volunteers, alongside the Gambian police, promptly began the search. On two separate occasions, we were minutes away from arresting him, but both times he was able to evade capture at the last minute. Finally, following a tip and a trace on the suspects phone, PRC volunteers accompanied police to arrest the suspect, who was located close to the border of Senegal. 

Both Ruby and her family have expressed great satisfaction and comfort in the care Ruby has received, and the capture of her attacker, and we remain dedicated to providing her with the necessary care and support she requires during this challenging time.

Once again, we’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Gambian law enforcement for their continued trust in partnering with PRC to address such grave offences. 

Ruby undergoing checks and tests in hospital following her attack, fully funded by PRC donors


Other Good News

Christmas Celebrations

Over Christmas, we orchestrated a memorable lunch for five hundred and seventy children across Gambia, Uganda, and Kenya. The event brimmed with diverse activities—clowns, jumping castles, face painting, discos, dancing, arcade games, swimming, and more—opening avenues of play for these children and granting them experiences beyond their imagination.

In Uganda, the event was covered by the Nile Post news agency, and the accompanying article can be read here.

Children excited for the day of activities and food ahead

Commissioner of Police Alison Agaba serving food to children in Kampala

We hold firm to the belief that it's crucial to give back to children who have survived trafficking and exploitation, as well as those enduring persistent hunger and extreme poverty. Our mission stands to shield and bolster these children, allowing them to experience a childhood without harm. 

Our deepest gratitude extends to the volunteers, partners, and donors whose contributions made these extraordinary days a reality. We also express appreciation to our partner NGOs and law enforcement for their invaluable support.

Become a Frontline Donor

Supporting our new campaign, "Hope Rises on the Frontline," with monthly donations empowers us in the global battle against child trafficking and exploitation. The frontline is where our international community must unite and extend our efforts to aid children. In 2024, Project Rescue Children is poised for its most significant year yet in aiding children in distress.

Start making a tangible difference in children's lives today by contributing as much as the cost of a coffee. Begin your journey to make a real impact by following this link.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our remarkable donors, volunteers, and supporters who have continued to support us throughout 2023. Your commitment and generosity are actively shaping a profound and positive change in the lives of survivors of trafficking and exploitation worldwide.

We deeply appreciate all your contributions and efforts, and look forward to sharing many more of our success stories with you in 2024.

Happy New Year.

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