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Fighting Ritualistic Child Sacrifice in Uganda

In the heart of East Africa lies Uganda, a country marred by the hidden horror of ritualistic child sacrifice. Despite efforts to combat this appalling practice, it persists, largely unnoticed and unaddressed. In this blog post, we, at Project Rescue Children, shed light on this grim reality, exploring its prevalence, causes, and our ongoing efforts to combat it.


The Hidden Plague:


Ritualistic child sacrifice is a sinister crime that thrives in the shadows of society. While precise figures are elusive due to its clandestine nature, the scope of this issue is alarming. According to our on-the-ground research and collaborations with local law enforcement, it's estimated that hundreds of children fall victim to ritualistic sacrifice every year in Uganda alone. These are not just numbers; they represent the shattered lives of innocent children and grieving families.


Roots of Darkness:


Understanding the persistence of ritualistic child sacrifice requires delving into its underlying causes. At the core of this abomination are outdated belief systems, poverty, and societal pressures.


Superstitious beliefs, deeply ingrained in certain communities, fuel the demand for child sacrifices. Some individuals falsely believe that sacrificing a child will bring them wealth, power, or protection. Others buy into the notion that specific body parts of children possess magical properties, leading to a grotesque underground market for human organs and body parts.


Poverty exacerbates the vulnerability of children, making them easy prey for traffickers and perpetrators. Desperate families, struggling to survive, may unknowingly place their children in harm's way, lured by false promises of a better future.

 Our CEO at the site of an altar utilised for ritualistic child sacrifice in Uganda

Breaking the Silence:


Despite the prevalence of ritualistic child sacrifice, it remains largely hidden from public view. Victims are silenced through fear, and perpetrators operate with impunity. In some cases, even law enforcement officials are complicit or ill-equipped to tackle this issue effectively.

 Our CEO, alongside local law enforcement, seen talking to a Witch Doctor (right) who gave excruciating detail of child sacrifice in the Country

Our Call to Action:


At Project Rescue Children, we refuse to turn a blind eye to this tragedy. Our volunteers work tirelessly alongside law enforcement agencies in Uganda, conducting investigations, supporting arrests of suspects, raising awareness, educating school children and providing support to victims and their families. We are embarking on a brand new campaign that will see us raise international awareness diving deep into child sacrifice.


But our work doesn't stop there. We are committed to establishing our very own rescue and rehabilitation centre in Uganda, providing a safe haven for rescued children and offering them the support and care they need to heal and rebuild their lives.


Our approach is multifaceted, addressing both the immediate needs of victims and the root causes of this horrific practice. We advocate for stronger laws and law enforcement efforts to hold perpetrators accountable. Additionally, we strive to empower communities through education and economic opportunities, reducing the vulnerability of children to exploitation and trafficking.

Join Us in the Fight:


The fight against ritualistic child sacrifice is far from over, but with your support, we can make a difference. Together, we can shine a light on this hidden epidemic, rescue victims, and work towards a future where every child is safe, protected, and free from harm.



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