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January and February Newsletter

The start of 2023 has seen some major projects and more children rescued. Since the start of 2023, we have rescued sixty eight children from trafficking or exploitation and had nine traffickers or those exploiting children arrested. Our online dark web team has assisted in the protection of children online by hunting those hunting the children. We have successfully saved three children in 2023 across the globe from being groomed by online predators and had the predators arrested.

We saw our first school built in Kisumu Kenya. In addition to the new school we also had two new toilets and wash basins built in front of the school. This has drastically helped the children and staff. This was built with one hundred percent of PRC donations.

We introduced our new aftercare packs which are now given to all children we help from trafficking or exploitation. It’s so important to give care immediately to victims of these horrendous crimes, and our after care packs help start this care.

February 2023 has been a significant month for Project Rescue Children. We have completed our largest rescue operation, as well as began our first ever natural disaster relief campaign. Our donors have played an immense part in our operations, with all donations entirely funding both of the above mentioned milestones.

We are happy to announce that forty seven children have been rescued as part of a long operation by PRC and Ugandan police. This is our biggest rescue to date! We can also share that a Pastor and one other have been arrested as investigations continue into the trafficking ring operating in and outside of Uganda. All children are now safe and very relieved to have been saved. Medical doctors have examined all children and have confirmed eight girls were sadly raped. We had grave concerns that each of these girls may be at risk of being HIV positive, however, after being tested and receiving the long awaited test results, we are pleased to confirm that all eight girls are HIV Negative.

The girls (third picture above) wanted to send their love to everyone who prayed for them in what has been the toughest time in their short lives. This is extremely happy news in a very sad case of child trafficking.

Natalie London was announced as our newest director. Natalie is dedicated and passionate to not only help children, but also to continue her love for PRC.

Additionally this month, our first ever natural disaster relief campaign began in light of the catastrophic tragedy that is the Turkey Earthquakes. One of the main objectives for PRC being on the ground in Turkey, immediately after this catastrophic event, is to protect the children from traffickers. We have begun this operation by speaking to the children and parents directly about child trafficking and educating them, first hand, how they can better protect themselves from predators who have been out searching for vulnerable children.

In our first week in Turkey, we handed out thousands of items with your donations including warm weather clothing, blankets and food. Due to the catastrophic situation we have decided to put a permanent footprint on the ground for the next three months at which time we will reassess the situation. This week we moved to another heavily affected city, Hatay, in order to protect more children and assist more people with basic necessities. People are freezing, and thanks to your donations we have been able to help supply thousands of gloves, jackets, socks, beanies and now blankets. We are now additionally looking at handing out an additional five thousand Winter blankets as this is the most requested item after accommodation.

We want to thank everyone who has, so far, donated to our Earthquake Appeal and for trusting PRC to be your choice of organisation to directly help the people. Within the first three weeks being on the ground we have donated thousands of items including winter blankets, socks, baby nappies, clothes, food, footballs, children's books, pens, notebooks, period pads, beanies, gloves and sanitary items. This has all been possible thanks to your donations. Our campaign will be ongoing and all of your support is immensely appreciated.

Please note that we haven’t forgotten Syria during this devastating time, we unfortunately are unable to obtain a visa to enter and sanctions aren’t making it easy, but we are trying our best to work out a way that we can extend our help to all affected areas with the numbers we have on the ground. We like to do things ourselves and we also choose to not send funds to those whom we don’t know and/or trust to get the job done to our standards

Our first ever UK Child Trafficking and Exploitation event at Nobu in London, has now been set for Friday 6th October 2023. Tickets and information will be live shortly. Great prizes and celebrities. All proceeds go to PRC to fight child trafficking and exploitation globally.

We thank you for your continued support.

Team PRC

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