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January and February Newsletter

Throughout January and February 2024, in collaboration with partnering agencies and law enforcement, Project Rescue Children successfully rescued 23 children from trafficking and exploitation, and saw the arrest of 7 predators. PRC continues to fight to rescue, educate and rehabilitate children affected by trafficking and exploitation worldwide.

News From PRC The Philippines

In early February, we announced the successful rescue of eight children and the apprehension of two traffickers, thanks to generous PRC donors.

In a collaborative investigation between the PRC and the National Bureau of Investigation Philippines (NBI), we conducted surveillance on the targets for over a week. The surveillance provided undeniable evidence of the abhorrent practice of selling underage girls for as little as $30 USD for sexual exploitation.

Due to the high level of risk involved, the rescue operation was executed swiftly, professionally, and with the utmost concern for the safety of all parties involved. With the assistance of armed agents from the NBI, the operation was carried out successfully.

The rescued girls are currently safe and in good health, undergoing necessary processing and receiving the care and support they need from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). All medical expenses and support services, including food, are being fully funded by the PRC.

We would like to express our gratitude to the NBI for their invaluable collaboration and professional assistance, which contributed to the success of this operation. We eagerly anticipate future joint operations aimed at combating child trafficking and exploitation.

Our CEO, pictured with an NBI officer, is seen handing marked cash to a staff member (centre) at the bar where girls were being sold

News from PRC The Gambia

As we kicked off the year, our dedicated team of PRC volunteers in the Gambia launched our first child safety workshops for 2024.

Our 'Be Brave' workshop is continuously improving, with input from our Gambia team leading to the integration of child safety role play and interactive activities. Formal partnerships with key Gambian authorities such as the Ministry of Education, Police, Immigration, and the Tourism Board directly support our mission to combat exploitation, trafficking, and abuse of Gambian children.

PRC looks forward to sharing our accomplishments this year and extends heartfelt thanks to our volunteers, donors, and partners. Your support is essential in our efforts to create positive change in the lives of the children we educate, protect, rescue, and care for. We want to make 2024 the year where the safety and well-being of all children takes center stage.

PRC volunteers delivering the "Be Brave" workshop to Gambian students in January

News from PRC Kenya

For several years, we've been sponsoring a school in a poverty-stricken region of West Kenya, ensuring that the students receive weekly cooked meals and continuous access to educational materials. In early February, the children enjoyed a nourishing lunch at the new school we've constructed, all made possible with generous contributions made by Project Rescue Children donors.

The image provided below depicts the children at the old school. It's important to note that our efforts extend beyond mere rescues; we're deeply committed to making a lasting impact in the lives of these children.

Children in Kenya enjoying a lunch made possible via PRC donors

Online Grooming

In January, we shared the news that an 11-year-old girl was saved from online grooming. In early December, the parents of this Australian girl stumbled upon a disturbing conversation on Snapchat involving their daughter and another girl after finding images in their cloud.

To their dismay, they discovered that the unknown girl, who claimed to be 13 years old, had been making inappropriate requests for underwear and naked pictures from their 11-year-old daughter. Initially, she reluctantly sent two pictures of herself in underwear, but the requests quickly escalated into more intimate demands.

By chance, the girl’s father stumbled upon the uploaded pictures on the family’s Google Photos iCloud account. Alarmed, they sought help from the local police, only to be disappointed by their response. The officer claimed that since the images were not explicit, there was little they could do. Frustrated and desperate, the father a follower reached out to PRC.

With the parents’ permission, we took control of the girl’s Snapchat account to conduct a thorough investigation. Our dedicated online team spent three weeks engaging in conversation with the (now known male) predator, gradually gathering crucial information such as their IP address, identity, and eventually their street address.

We have now handed over our comprehensive case file to the relevant department through our police contact, who are currently conducting an investigation. We are hopeful that justice will be served.

This terrifying incident has left a lasting impact on the young girl, who is now acutely aware of the dangers of online grooming.

“We are incredibly grateful to PRC for their swift and decisive actions in assisting our daughter. The realization that a stranger could invade our home and attempt to harm our child was a shocking and horrifying experience for us as parents”

We strongly urge all parents to be vigilant and proactive in monitoring their children’s online activities. It is crucial to know who they are interacting with in the digital world to ensure their safety and well-being.

Secondly, We are also pleased to announce that a 13-year-old girl is now safe from an online predator. While participating in a local community chat on the KIK app, she inadvertently engaged in a private conversation with an individual whom she believed to be a 15-year-old boy.

Over a period of three weeks, this individual groomed her and coerced her into sending progressively explicit images of herself. Subsequently, it was revealed by PRC that the person in question is a 27-year-old married father of a young girl.

The case was brought the attention of PRC in October, following the girl's mother's suspicion of her daughter spending unusually long hours in her room. Upon discovering the inappropriate content on her daughter's phone, local Romanian police initially claimed they were unable to take immediate action, advising the mother to monitor her daughter's online activities.

In October, the mother's friend, who follows PRC, reached out for assistance. However, due to encryption challenges and the suspect's proficiency in concealing his location, progress proved arduous for our team. Fortunately, earlier this month, an error made by the suspect while chatting, which enabled our team to initiate the tracing process.

Yesterday, law enforcement apprehended the predator at his residence, in the presence of his stunned spouse. Ongoing investigations are underway. This serves as a poignant reminder to online predators that law enforcement and other organizations are diligently monitoring and pursuing individuals who engage in child grooming.

The young girl is understandably distraught and has confessed to feeling lonely and isolated amidst her parents' ongoing divorce proceedings. We strongly advise parents to talk to your children about online safety and prohibit the use of KIK, as it is a favored platform among predators.

Other Good News

The development of our new website is currently underway and will be launching soon. We anticipate that the new site will offer enhanced navigation, a plethora of information and firsthand experiences, engaging and thought-provoking blog posts, as well as valuable advice and support.

Additionally, later this year, our website will serve as the platform for the launch of our Home Education program, which will be available for download. This program will equip parents with a comprehensive toolkit to facilitate conversations with their children on various topics ranging from basic body boundaries to online safety in today's technological landscape.

Furthermore, coinciding with the website launch, we will establish a merchandise hub based in Europe. This initiative aims to make purchasing PRC merchandise more cost-effective for supporters worldwide.

We want to express our deepest appreciation to our amazing donors, volunteers, and supporters. Your dedication and generosity are making a significant impact on the lives of trafficking and exploitation survivors worldwide. Your continuous support is what fuels our efforts, enabling us to offer crucial resources, rehabilitation programs, and a safe refuge for those who have endured unimaginable hardships.

Our mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these children would be impossible without your unwavering support. We genuinely value your assistance in bringing about positive change for those in need. Thank you.


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