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July Newsletter

PRC rescued a total of 15 children from trafficking and exploitation this July 2023. 

In cooperation with law enforcement, we also had 3 traffickers/paedophiles arrested.

PRC Philippines 🇵🇭 

Project Rescue Children Philippines initiative has swiftly commenced in its efforts to combat the grave issues of Child Trafficking and Exploitation. Our diligent investigators are tirelessly working on numerous cases involving abuse, trafficking and exploitation.

Our more recent operation in the Philippines, which was initiated by PRC's DarkWeb team and executed in cooperation with the national bureau of investigation (NBI) found the safe rescue and recovery of 15 children 

All children rescued are in good condition and are receiving the necessary care and assistance to help them navigate this challenging period.

Our rescue operations serve as a starting point for our work in the Philippines. The majority of our resources and funding are allocated towards providing ongoing aid and rehabilitation for these children. We take great care to ensure that the children we rescue are placed in suitable safe houses and facilities with whom we have established partnerships, after undergoing rigorous evaluation by PRC.

Once we secure sufficient funding, we are happy to share that we plan to acquire a suitable and safe property in the Philippines to establish our very own rescue and rehabilitation facility, which will be managed by our trusted and passionate PRC volunteers.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, 15 children have been freed from harm and are now receiving therapeutic rehabilitation. By supporting our campaigns or making a donation, you have the opportunity to contribute to our frontline battle against child trafficking and exploitation. We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the NBI for their outstanding work, support, and assistance throughout this operation. 

We look forward to continuing our collaboration in the near future.

PRC The Gambia 🇬🇲 

Child rapist investigated, located and arrested by PRC and local Gambian police!

We have successfully conducted a investigation resulting in the apprehension, and assistance of local police in the arrest of a wanted individual involved in child rape in The Gambia. 

Police have announced the successful operation in collaboration with Project Rescue Children (PRC) that led to the arrest of a man who allegedly raped a 10-year-old girl.

Nicola Mendy, a senior police officer at Bakoteh station who made the arrest, confirmed that the accused, who initially attempted to run, is currently detained and helping the police in their investigations.

Following days of searching, the police reached out to PRC for support, who were able to locate his whereabouts and contacted us to effect the arrest,” he said.

He thanked the PRC for leading the operation, saying the NGO has been collaborating with the police on a number of operations.

“We are proud of PRC’s collaboration and assistance,” he said.

The CEO of Project Rescue Children, Adam Whittington, said it was a full operation that was given to them by the IGP.

“Three days later, after we had possible information from an informant, we travelled to start our investigation at the border village and were lucky to have located the suspect’s apartment and conducted surveillance on it. When he arrived, we called the local police, who arrived and arrested him.

He was transported back to Banjul,” he said.

He said PRC is a “not-for-profit Gambian charity” that is dedicated to protecting and educating Gambian children.

“We do this through school education, workshops, awareness campaigns, and working in partnership with The Gambia Police Force. Our excellent partnership with the Gambian Police, who are passionate about our mission, only benefits the local communities being targeted for trafficking and exploitation. Our goal is to keep all Gambian children safe from child trafficking and exploitation,” he said.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Inspector General (IG) and the local police for their valuable cooperation. By working in collaboration, we aim to ensure the safety and well-being of Gambian children.

PRC Online Grooming Rescue 

We are pleased to announce that a thirteen-year-old girl has been safely rescued from the clutches of a convicted predator. 

Concerns were raised by parents in Australia regarding their daughter's prolonged conversations with an unidentified individual on her phone. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the girl had connected with an individual on Snapchat posing as a fifteen-year-old boy. During our inquiry, the PRC online team discovered explicit photographs and videos that the girl had been sending for approximately six months. 

With no assistance from the police, the parents reached out to PRC for help. We took on the case and uncovered even more disturbing sexual images that the girl had shared. Our team swiftly located the predator, and based on the extensive information and evidence gathered, we have handed over our case file to the appropriate authorities. These authorities have confirmed that the predator is a repeat offender. 

Although the girl is understandably shocked, she has learned an invaluable lesson from this experience. 

"Our family had no support system to turn to in our time of need. The police informed us that they were unable to assist. However, after reaching out to PRC and speaking with Adam, we were guided through the entire process, from our initial call until now. Witnessing what he and his team accomplish is nothing short of extraordinary. We will be forever grateful that our daughter is now safe and secure."

We urge parents to be vigilant and know who your children are chatting to online. We will continue to fight online and on the frontlines against child trafficking and exploitation. 

One more survivor was freed thanks to your generous PRC donations!

Each year, thousands of young women, including older teenagers, are trafficked into Middle Eastern countries under the false pretence of employment. This disturbing practice has persisted for decades.

Fake employment agencies are hastily established and rapidly shut down, leaving women deceived with promises of work and a salary to support their impoverished families back home. It is an utterly reprehensible situation, yet even when presented with shocking cases, the United Nations and other organisations often turn a blind eye.

In 2023, thousands of individuals find themselves living as prisoners and slaves. Upon arrival in their destination country, their passports are confiscated, and they immediately fall under the control of their host employer, who is often protected by local laws.

One young woman, who endured mental anguish as a result of torture and abuse inflicted by her employer, has been pleading for assistance for three years. Upon witnessing pictures and videos of the unspeakable acts of abuse, rape, and torture she endured, I was appalled. Sadly, embassies seldom provide help in such cases.

Every day, countless cases are brought to my attention. Can you help? Can you ensure this person's safe return home? I sincerely wish we possessed the resources and manpower to bring everyone to safety, but unfortunately, we do not. Nevertheless, we are committed to taking on more cases involving trafficking and slavery, particularly those affecting young women who find themselves as predominant victims.

In a extremely complex & difficult operation in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 we am pleased to inform you that this particular young woman is now safe, free, and reunited with her family, who had tirelessly attempted to aid her to no avail. Moving forward, PRC will provide her with the necessary support during her challenging rehabilitation process.

We express gratitude to those followers who offered to assist, as we truly cannot accomplish this endeavour alone. Support, especially in terms of logistics on the ground, is essential! 

This is precisely why we have established our network of global volunteer safe houses.

One more survivor free thanks to your donations.

PRC ‘Be Brave’ Child Safety Workshop 

In anticipation of the integration of our new ‘Be Brave’ Child Safety Workshop into the Gambian school curriculum. This July, we have developed an awareness poster that will be prominently displayed in all schools and communities nationwide in partnership with the Gambian education department, police force, and tourism board.

The ‘Be Brave’ Child Safety Workshop, meticulously designed by Project Rescue Children, aims to provide comprehensive education to children on a range of issues, encompassing online safety, trafficking, child sacrifice, exploitation, and establishing a secure channel of communication through our toll-free child helpline number. Children are encouraged to report any concerns they may have, confidentially, without any cost incurred.

PRC consistently aims to protect and educate all children in The Gambia, and worldwide, and we are now eagerly awaiting the official launch of our ‘Be Brave’ Child Safety Workshop into the Ministry of Basic and Secondary school curriculum this September 2023. 

Thank you to all of our donors, volunteers and supporters for helping to ensure that we are able to consistently have an immensely positive impact in the lives of children, worldwide. We appreciate you all, entirely, and we will forever continue our fight against Child Trafficking and Exploitation!

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