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Police partners with Project Rescue Children to fight child sacrifice

Project Rescue Children, a civil society organization has partnered with Uganda Police to fight exploitation of children and evil practices like child sacrifice. The organization that has been traversing parts of Kiboga, Wakiso and Nakaseke argues that incidents of ritual murders involving children are still high and the police need to double their efforts.

Adam Whittington, a former UK police officer and the founder of Project Rescue Children (PRC) said more effort is required especially in equipping police with the necessary technology and government funding to fight the vice.

“My experience has shown me that child sacrifice is serious but Uganda Police must have the tools, funding and resources to investigate every case in an effort to get justice,” Whittington said.

Whittington is an international expert in devising solutions to curb child kidnappings and exploitation.

The more worrying trend for Uganda is that the number of ritual sacrifices has gone up, according to police records. Between 2019 and 2021, the number of child sacrifice cases jumped from 22 to 65.

Police say majority of the victims of the vice are children because they are easier to lure and abduct. People who engage in this practice also see children as “pure” and so of “higher ritual value.”

Authorities said the sacrifices are being carried out by witch doctors or local traditional healers, spread across rural areas. During recent operations in Wakiso, Nakaseke and Kiboga, two suspects were apprehended.

Racheal Kawala, the police spokesperson in Wamala region, welcomed Project Rescue Children and said they are ready to work with the organization to fight the vice.


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