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March and April Newsletter

We rescued a total of twenty three children from trafficking and exploitation. In cooperation with law enforcement we also had seven traffickers/paedophiles arrested.

NEW Gambia Rescue Centre Roof

We wanted to thank everyone who kindly donated to our Gambia Rescue

and Rehabilitation Centre rebuild campaign!




We also had a brand shower and toilet built

Thanks to you the children now have a new and safe roof, new toilet, shower, animal out-house, shower toilet building, fridge/freezer but most importantly a safe, healthy and comfortable environment to house children from exploitation and trafficking.

It’s very important to PRC that we have our own rescue and rehabilitation centers where we know children can be helped in a safe, peaceful and comfortable environment. We spend more time, funds and resources on the rehabilitation of children than rescues. All made possible through our wonderful global donors. Without you we can not do what we do for children.

Also a very big thank you to PRC Director Natalie London and her carpenter husband Dane London who traveled from Australia at their own expense for the month of March-April to supervise and help local builders.

They worked non-stop all day and into the evenings with local PRC volunteers getting dirty and stuck in to many tasks. We know they had a fantastic first time in the Gambia experiencing long life memories.

Dane has now been appointed ‘Project Rescue Children building manager’.

Additionally, We are delighted to officially announce our partnership with the Gambian Education Minister and education department. In a first of a kind our Child Safety Workshop - ‘Be Brave’ has officially been included free into the Gambian school curriculum for all schools across the country fully funded by PRC.

Project Rescue Children's Child Safety ‘Be Brave’ Workshop was created to educate and protect all children from grooming, exploitation and trafficking, worldwide, and to inform every child that it is brave to speak out if they, themselves, or their friends, are victims of child exploitation.

Yesterday, Australian volunteer director Natalie London who has incredibly spearheaded this partnership with our local volunteers spent the day educating 27 of Gambia’s top educators along with the directorate of Gambian curriculum.

Every student at every age in schools will be taught about online safety, paedophiles, trafficking, all forms of exploitation, and confidential points of contact to report abuse they or their friends may be going through.

PRC Gambia is also setting up a new free hotline to report trafficking and exploitation in cooperation with Gambia’s phone company Airtel.

We also understand that a lot of children, especially in rural areas, do not go to school. So, we are also joining with Gambia's parent teacher association to educate parents and children who don’t go to school. This will ensure all children across the whole of Gambia are educated with our ‘Be Brave’ safety workshop.

We want to thank the Education Minister the Honourable Ms Claudina Cole, the Director of curriculum, research evaluation and development Mr. Momodou Jeng and all their staffers for their swift action and understanding the importance of our unique workshop to protect children.

We already have plans to get our workshop into more countries.

We believe educating all children is the key to their safety.



News From PRC Kenya

Pictured above: PRC Director Kupa Gora & volunteers at the opening ceremony of the Governor’s inaugural children’s camp. PRC was personally invited by the Governor herself to educate 5000 (was 3000) kids about child trafficking & exploitation after hearing about our work in West Kenya. 5000 girls in West Kenya at the request of the governor (above) are now receiving our child safety workshop at the governor's inaugural mentorship camp.

Upon news that our ‘Be Brave’ Child Safety workshop is being implemented into every school in The Gambia, our Kenya team were quick to act and have now, also, had the workshop approved to be taught in over 20 schools in Kenya. Additionally, our team in Kenya have been working hard to improve, teach and maintain our period pad project. Our Kenya child trafficking and exploitation village workshop is being held for free, every weekend, in rural West Kenya and has been educating and supporting girls to make their own period pads to help eliminate predators taking advantage of them in exchange for pads.

News from PRC Uganda

This April, Project Rescue Children was involved in a shocking rescue case where 18 children under the age of 5 were rescued from Child Sacrifice.

After receiving intelligence from a child sacrifice investigation PRC in cooperation with Ugandan law enforcement have rescued eighteen children under the age of five years old.

After locating the trafficker, to everyone’s surprise, we found the eighteen children held in a dwelling. One trafficker is in custody now while one is on the run. During the interrogation the suspect told police the children were pre ordered by different individuals for the child sacrifice purposes.

The children have suffered minor and serious injuries through what we believe is torture.

Efforts are being made to identify and locate relatives to further investigate how the children vanished. The children are safe and well but clearly upset as they are in a local NGO shelter that PRC is supporting.

Eighteen aftercare packs were given to each child. You can help us by donating more aftercare packs, donating, fundraising and spreading our cause to end child trafficking and exploitation.

We want to extend an immense thank you to everyone who is supporting, sharing, volunteering and donating to PRC! We ensure that every dollar goes towards educating, rescuing and rehabilitating children, and we couldn’t do this work without your support.

Our first ever UK Child Trafficking and Exploitation event at Nobu in London, has now been set for Friday 6th October 2023. Tickets and information will be live shortly. Great prizes and celebrities. All proceeds go to PRC to fight child trafficking and exploitation globally.

We thank you for your continued support. Donations to help us fight child trafficking and exploitation can be made directly here: 

Team PRC


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